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I have a cub cadet model 2166 lawn tractor. recently the pto

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I have a cub cadet model 2166 lawn tractor. recently the pto drive belt broke and I went to the local dealer and got a replacement belt which I installed and ran the mower to test it .It seemed ok until I went to mow with it a few days later the mower was working fine for about a half hour until there was a loud screching noise and the new pto belt broke.I have checked the pully and the pto drive still engages when the switch is flipped on. I can not find anything that looks bad.What could be the problem?
Hi, My name isXXXXX you for letting me try and assist you with your problem.
What was the loud screeching noise?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I do not know what caused the noise but the pto belt broke before I could shut the pto switch off.

With the belt off do the spindles on the deck turn with no noise or resistance?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes I do not see anything wrong with the mower deck all pullys and deck belt seem to work correctly

What about the idler pullies?
The only way a deck belt will break is if it's on a pully that stops turning.
It sticks to that pulley while the pto clutch is trying to keep it moving.
The screeching sound was more than likely the pto clutch slipping right up to the point where the belt finally gave up and broke.
Now if the pullies all turn ok you need to look at the belt guides.
If the belt was allowed to flop off one of the pulleys then it would grab and not turn anymore.
Make sure none of the pullies have dents in them and make sure your idler pulley is in line with the deck pullies.
Watch it when you engage the deck to see if it flops around.
Sometimes I've seen the decks wobble because they're made cheap and thin and that arm flops around and lets the belt come off.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I will check all the pullies & the deck belt to make sure they are good. If a pully on the mower deck is defective would that cause the pto belt to break before the mower deck belt breaks?

Yeah the pto belt breaks because it's the one that's doing all the work turning the deck.
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