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Category: Small Engine
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gernator worked fine during testing yesterday. today, when

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gernator worked fine during testing yesterday. today, when tried to pull start cord, it is locked up. only comes out about 6-8 inches
generator is model # XXXXX


Hi, this is Russ,! I will give you the benefit of 28 years experience and teaching. REMOVE OR HAVE SOMEONE REMOVE THE SPARK PLUG. If when you then pull the rope gasoline comes spraying out, the carburetor has failed and need to be rebuilt with a new float, a needle and seat and if equipped with a fuel solenoid, replace that also. ALSO, IF I AM CORRECT CHANGE THE OIL AND OIL FILTER IF SO EQUIPPED. If I am wrong, do not accept this and tell me and we can work together to solve the problem. THANKS


hello russ, thank you for your reply. i am going to copy and save it and will try it once this little hurricane passes. i appreciate your reply and am going to rate and etc so that you can get paid, though i have no idea yet if this is the problem. i just appreciate your help. many thanks! katy

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Thank you and GOD BLESS. Just address any further questions to me and if related, I'll be happy to help you! BE SAFE