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I just purchased a 7000/8750 generator from Harbor Freight

Resolved Question:

I just purchased a 7000/8750 generator from Harbor Freight tools. The Generator is made by Predator, a new line from Chicago Electric. I know about the quality of some stuff at Harbor Freight and usually stay away from certain products. I'm taking a change on this machine I'm sure, but I grabbed a good deal and thought I would gamble with it. I wanted to know about the engine. It has a 420cc with no name on it. I'm sure it is an aftermarket replica of somebody's engine out there. My main concern is parts availabilty. I have a book of the whole parts breakdown on this generator. Harbor Freight tools will only have a listing of a carb kit if you live in higher altitudes. All the other hundreds of parts have to come from the manufacturer. Who is the manufacturer and how do you get a hold of them? I've been searching around the internet and cannot find anything with ease of ordering parts for this thing. I presently do not need a part, nothing is wrong with it, and I do like the product so far, but I'm thinking about the future for any problems. If I need a part, I want to get on the phone or internet, click on this that and the other thing, and have it on my front steps in a few days. If I cannot do this, I'm bringing it back, and I'll spend a little more on a more reputable company.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  Hank F. replied 4 years ago.
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My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am going to assist you with this.

These Chinese engines are all a clone of a Honda engine, usually the GX series.

I have heard that if you can determine exactly which engine was cloned, that you can actually use Honda parts - although I would not recommend it.

To find out anything, you would need to contact the importer, which is Predator.
Their phone number is XXXXX 0 0 - 4 4 4 - 3 3 5 3

But do not be surprised if they will not give you any information - most of them won't.
This is one reason why so few places will work on these Chinese sets - there is no after sales support.

In my opinion only, you would be much better off springing for a better set.
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