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Tim K
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Ive got a Husky HU5000 (Homelite :) ) generator with the Subaru

Customer Question

I've got a Husky HU5000 (Homelite :) ) generator with the Subaru EX30 engine I bought last year after Irene blew through and the threat of another bearing down. Upon buying and setting it up, it started and ran like a champ. Ran it until I used up what gas I had put in tank and then ended up storing it when the next hurricane passed us by. We lost power last week after a storm took us out and tried to no avail to get it started; we sat in the dark and heat for 2.5 day :(. Nevertheless, I've tried all week to get it running again and now I'm stumped. I can get it to run for 2 to 3 secs spraying Starter Fluid in the carb, but will not turn over/run on the gas I purchased (87 Octane). Things I've tried: drained the oil but it looks good, so filled again with same oil. Pulled the spark plug (NGK BR6HS) and found it slightly fouled with some oil on it. Cleaned it up and reset the gap (30) as I found that slightly off from what manual says it should be. Drained carb several times and pulled/inspected gas lines to ensure no blockage. Pulled the inline gas filter off and cleaned it to ensure it wasn't causing a blockage. Pulled carb off and cleaned as much of it as I could. Bought something called Engine Mechanic that's supposed to help engines that won't start and let it sit for 24 hours as prescribed. Needless to say, it still won't start ;(. Would appreciate any other thoughts as to what I can do or what might be wrong. Thanks in advance.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  Tim K replied 5 years ago.

Tim K :

Hello, welcome to Just Answers. My name is Tim, and I would like to help you with your question

Tim K :

if the engine will try and run on starter fluid, and then die.
then you are chasing a fuel delivery problem.

Tim K :

when you removed the carburetor, was there plenty of fuel coming from the tank line?