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Experience:  I Own a Lawn Mower Sales and service business (37years). Have 2-cycle and 4-cycle certification.
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I have a model 606 Huskee/MTD lawn tractor that pops out of

Resolved Question:

I have a model 606 Huskee/MTD lawn tractor that pops out of gear in the forward position. I adjusted the Detent shaft assembly and it helped for a few weeks but now is getting worse. Do I need a new drive shaft? Reference pages 40 and 41 in owners manual "Automatic Lawn Tractor Model Series 606"


Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  Ranwell1 replied 5 years ago.

Ranwell1 :



Ranwell1 :

This is NOT something that can really be diagnised for sure without me actually being there and doing tome testing by driving it and so forth.

Ranwell1 :
Ranwell1 :

But most likely what you are going to find out is that the ENTIRE transmission is going to have to be replaced.


Ranwell1 :

These usually are not something that we recommend that they be rebuilt.


Ranwell1 :

They usually do not work very well if they are taken apart and the cost of rebuilding them usually are not too far from the cost of replacing them..


Ranwell1 :

But of you want to try to check this out, I am including a complete parts breakdown of the transmission for you.


Ranwell1 :

The part number for the complete transmission is 753-05851

Ranwell1 :

The actual problem is most likely in the two gears #15 in the diagram
The clutch collar #16 in the diagram
The Detent shaft #20 in the diagram
And probably the detent ball and spring #21 & #22
There is also a good chance thet the shaft #17 may also be worn.

But the gears and the clutch collar are almost always bad along with the detent shaft.


Ranwell1 :


Ranwell1 :
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for the info on the transmission. It's what the Lawn guy said but I wanted a different opinion. If you owned this Huskee tractor, with your skill level, would you fix the transmission or replace it. I have some skill as a mechanic but it may not be worth the time and money if its a better value all around to replace it with a new one. Is it better to buy direct from MTD or go on line? Looks like Huskee and Sears is the same tractor, am I correct? I'm heading out the door to go to work but will check back for your answer later. Thanks, Bill
Expert:  Ranwell1 replied 5 years ago.

Actually if you really want my opinion, I wouldn't even bother fixing the tractor at all, I would buy a new tractor.....

But if you are asking if I would fix the transmission or replace the transmission, I would Replace the transmission.


Usually the factory doesn't sell to customers, but you might check with them.

Online usually will give you a better price. Check They usually have a decent prices.



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