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Ranwell1, Small Engine Technician
Category: Small Engine
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Experience:  I Own a Lawn Mower Sales and service business (37years). Have 2-cycle and 4-cycle certification.
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I have a 1985 yamaha g2 golf cart that the spark plug is firing

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I have a 1985 yamaha g2 golf cart that the spark plug is firing all the time, during all four strokes of the engine causing it to backfire through the carb and exhaust. Any suggestions?

Ranwell1 :

thisis NOT causing your probelm...


Ranwell1 :

You have other issues that are causing the backfiring.


Ranwell1 :

Usually it is the valves that are not closing all the way and may need to be adjusted or more....


Customer: I adjusyed
Customer: I adjusted the valves accordong to the manual to .004
Ranwell1 :

Then they may not be closing all the way.


Ranwell1 :

There is also a possiblity that the ignition is out of time.....


Ranwell1 :

Sometimes the ignition coils can go bad and the spark advance circuit goes bad and is not letting it fire at the correct time.

Ranwell1 :

But there are also other possibilities...such as water in the gas and other things.......


Ranwell1 :

This may not be an easy thing to figure out.....


Ranwell1 :

You may end up having to take it to a good shop so they can listen to it and give you an opinion.

It is very hard to diagnose something like this without seeing or HEARING it to hear what it sounds like.

Ranwell1 :
Ranwell1 :


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Customer: With the spark plug removed, and turning the engine ,it fires continuosly. Is that normal?
Ranwell1 and 2 other Small Engine Specialists are ready to help you
We may not be done with this. I did not cut you off. If you still need more information I am still available to help... just remember that I an trying to help many people at the same time and cannot always stay on one question continually. I come back to the questions quite often......LEt me know if you still need more help.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The problem was the generator had an internal wire shorting out on the housing, when I unplugged the generator from the voltage regulator it runs fine. So I figured out the problem, and its fixed.

Thanks for letting me know what the problem was.

It sure wasn't anything that I would have been able to find without actually testing it myself.

This isn't something that is very likely either.

in any case, thanks and if you ever need more assistance, please ask for me by name.

Maybe it will be a little bit easier next time....