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Outdoor Power Equipment Guru
Outdoor Power Equipment Guru, Technician
Category: Small Engine
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Experience:  I have worked twenty years as a Mechanic and am a State of Michigan Certified teacher in Small Engine and related equipment.
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I have a cub cadet LXT1040 and it will only go in a very slow

Customer Question

I have a cub cadet LXT1040 and it will only go in a very slow speed both forwards and backwards - there seems to be little tension on the foot throttle - I did replace the drive belt last late summer, but it did work fine up to my winterizing the machine - I have not taken off mower assembly to see why there seems to be little tension on the foot throttle as it is working but at a very slow speed - if I press my foot on the foot throttle and press all the way down, the mower will slowly stop moving - any suggestions??
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  Outdoor Power Equipment Guru replied 5 years ago.

Outdoor Power Equipment G : Hello my name is Kevin and I will try to help with this.
JACUSTOMER-w2829pda- :

hi Kevin

Outdoor Power Equipment G : Is there any wetness under the rear end that may indicate a leak?
JACUSTOMER-w2829pda- :


Outdoor Power Equipment G : And this started first time out this hear
Outdoor Power Equipment G : Year
JACUSTOMER-w2829pda- :

yes - i was wondering if this might be a warranty issue as I have used the machine 3 summers - this would have been the 4th summer

Outdoor Power Equipment G : If it has the extended drive train wtty then it may be
Outdoor Power Equipment G : It sounds like a low oil issue
JACUSTOMER-w2829pda- :

oil in the rear end?? - I believe I was told at purchase it had a 4 year warranty but it is only my memory - but I want to repair myself if I can -where would I add the oil??

Outdoor Power Equipment G : Well that depends whether it is "servicable" or not. Usually there is a fill tube under the seat if it is. I believe you may be right on the four year warranty I would check that first. There is very little that can be fixed on a hydro unit that is "simple" to do and if you mess anything up it will void the warranty.
JACUSTOMER-w2829pda- :

so, I need to bring it to an authorized cub cadet dealer??

Outdoor Power Equipment G : If there is no bad belt spring or oil leak then I would take it to the dealer if under wtty if not then ee can troubleshoot it from there.
Outdoor Power Equipment G : Ee - we
JACUSTOMER-w2829pda- :

ok - tomorrow, I think, I'll take off the mower assembly which is easy to do and look underneath to see if there is a spring or something that can be replaced - if not, then, I'll call my dealer and bring it in Monday - thanks - hoping this is not an expensive repair

Expert:  Outdoor Power Equipment Guru replied 5 years ago.
Let me know what you find.