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Mattysgarage, Mechanic
Category: Small Engine
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Experience:  25 Years as Mechanic / Owner of a Mobile Repair Service
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I have a wheel horse tractor the spider gears on the steering

Customer Question

I have a wheel horse tractor the spider gears on the steering shaft do not mesh tight enough and the steering slip, heck can't even turn is there an adjustment
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  Mattysgarage replied 5 years ago.

Mattysgarage :

There are no adjustments, It sounds like a bushing or the gears themselves are worn out. To find your parts you will need to find you tractor model numbers. You can also pull it apart and try to match up bearing sleeves to tighten up the meshing. I hope this helps, Matt

Mattysgarage :

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Customer : It looks like thw play ia in the bishing or bearing at front of the tractor. Is there a diagram on how to remove looks like a lot of work just to get to. Its probably a 70 something model. There are no model #'s
Mattysgarage :

Without the exact model we would be guessing. If its what im thinking of it can be done, its just tight and its best to pull the deck to get underneath to the bolts. Back then the only manuals they had were parts break downs, nothing step by step. WHere you start is pull the steering wheel and work your way down, once the steering shaft is out the you can work with the steering gear. Its just the matter of pulling one part at a time. Your biggest battle is going to be getting the parts.