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My timing line on my raptor 700 wont line up just right and

Resolved Question:

My timing line on my raptor 700 won't line up just right and the quad is acting funny it won't turn over if it's at a certain spot in the stroke you gotta keep hitting the start button to get passed it then it will turn over and start. It runs alright once it's running but also has blown the intake right off the motor any ideas what's up with it
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  Chris replied 5 years ago.

Chris :

Hello how are you

Chris :

Ignition timing or cam?

Customer: Cam
Customer: The Mark on the gear for the cam chain won't line up perfect when the mark below is on the line
Chris :

If its blowing the carb off that tells us the engine is firing with the intake valve open. Hard starting is another sign of the spark plug firing way before top dead center.

Chris :

I'll bet then the flywheel was put back on it was not properly aligned with the key in the crankshaft

Chris :

Remove the side cover and look into the slot in the flywheel

Customer: Would that also make it so I wouldn't be able to line the marks up correctly
Customer: Ok will do I have to work second shift but tomorrow morning I will will it be easy to tell
Chris :

If the flywheel key is sheared or not the proper size it will allow the flywheel to be off a couple degrees, that would mess your mark alignment up. The best way to check it is to remove the flywheel, my bet is you will find the issue with the alignment key

Customer: Ok I will try that as soon as I can I appreciate it
Chris :

If you have any more problems or questions let me know. You will find a link back to this chat in your email. Please remember to click on the accept button, it is the only way i am compensated for my time....Thanks

Chris :

Positive feedback is also greatly appreciated

Chris :

Good luck

Customer: Ok thanks
Chris :

Your welcome, please remember to click accept

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