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I have a John Deere LT130 lawn tractor. The parking brake/foot

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I have a John Deere LT130 lawn tractor. The parking brake/foot break need adjustment. I
have the shop manual for this mower. The manual says to adjust the brake lever tension nut to reach a gap of 7-9mm between the compression spring bracket and the brake rod stop tab. I have looked for this nut, but could not find it and the manual does not have a picture of it. Currently there is no gap between the two on my motor and consequently, even though I have replaced the brake pad and tightened the two cap screws, the tractor does not stop with the brakes.
Also I am having a intermittent starting problem. Battery is new and fully charged, the key switch is new, clean in its terminals, the solenoid is fine and all wires are correctly and tightly attached. Sometimes the mower starts right up and other times I turn the key several times before the mower starts up. What else do I need to look at on this mower?
Many thanks!

Hello and welcome to Just Answer,


Lets work on the brake problem first. See attached picture. These are the parts they are referring to. The nut is shown as item#9.




Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The diagram above does not look like my brake assembly; furthermore my brake unit is on the right side of the mower, not the left side as here. My LT133's brake rod does not end with a nut, as shown here, but is smooth through the compression spring bracket, then is notched where the brake rod stop tab is located
and then continues to where it is hooked to hold the compression spring for the brake pedal. Or is # XXXXX
here a nut inside the compression spring, in which case the new question is how do I access this?

Sorry about that. Your original question stated you have a 130, not a 133. Here is the correct one. Let me know if this looks like your transmission. The brakes on that unit are adjusted by tightening the nut labeled #13.




Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Sorry, but this is the diagram for the brake unit itself, not the brake rod coming from the foot control in the
The brakes are adjusted by tightening the nut #13 as I stated. Take the right rear wheel off and you can get to it.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
What you are advising relates to adjusting the brake pads. Prior to doing so, the parking brake needs to be adjusted, as I am requesting your assistance to do. I have the diagram for the entire brake linkage. Can I get to #16 by just elevating the mower in the back or by lifting it by the side? Manual says I need not drop the deck. Hope this is so.....

See attached picture. Is this the item 16 you are referring to?




Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes, this is the bolt that I gather needs to be tightened to create the appropriate 7-9mm space between the
compression spring bracket (#12) and the brake rod stop tab (shown with a darkened spot on 15 but not identified since it is not a part but just a crease in #15). Can I get at this nut without taking the deck off and if so, should the mower be on its side or just lifted from the rear and then supported on both axles?

You will likely need to remove the deck to make it easier to get at.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Went to the John Deere dealer today to pick up parts for this LT133 and one of he mechanics told me that the diagram is wrong in the manual and that the 7-9mm spacing is for the LT165, not the LT133. He said to
use an car valve adjustment gauge at .0006 inches in width, place this between the "rotor" and the brake pad, tighten the twin side bolts down and the brakes should be perfect. Sure enough, that solved the brake problem: both my parking brake and stop brake functions now work perfectly. Thanks for your assistance,
If you read through my responses you will see where I told you to tighten nut #13 to adjust the brakes. That is exactly what the dealer told you to do.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
No need to get testy with me, JR. I knew how to adjust the brake assembly, The manual ill-advised me about needing to tighten the mysterious nut for the parking brake. Anyway, we are now done. Thanks again for helping me out.
I am not getting testy. I am just stating the facts that I told you how to adjust the brakes. I have replaced the brakes on several of these with the peerless transmission and they all adjust the same way. You were stating the parking brake needed to be adjusted first. I did not have a copy of the manual in front of me so I could not tell you that was not what the manual said however I knew the nut #13 was the only thing that needed to be tightened to adjust the brakes.
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