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Jay Harward
Jay Harward, Technician
Category: Small Engine
Satisfied Customers: 7
Experience:  Landscape equipment, lawn care, atv, all small engines, 4 cycle and 2 cycle
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BR 400 Stihl back pack leaf blower. Last year this machine

Customer Question

BR 400 Stihl back pack leaf blower. Last year this machine started and ran great this year it has not ran at all. I changed the spark plug rebuilt the cab checked and blew out all to ports in the cab it tries to start but won't. I checked the fuel filter the foam inside the filter just fell a part so I removed it. This machine might have 50 hours in it. Please help
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  Jay Harward replied 5 years ago.
Id love to help you out with this. i need some more info. After you rebuilt the carbureator did you try to run it before you checked the fuel filter? If so it probably clogged the internal screen inside the gas intake of the carbureator. Have you checked the compression on this machine? Please let me know.

Jay Harward
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have not but it's got good compression I can barely hang on to it while pull starting it and I re cleaned the cab prior to trying to start it again.
Expert:  Jay Harward replied 5 years ago.
If the carb is clean. I would check the exhaust spark arrester screen/ and or the exhaust port for carbon build up. If it is clogged then it wouldn't be able to breathe and not start. Are the 2 jet adjustment screws adjusted to spec? After rebuilding that carb I would adjust both jets to 1 1/2 turns out (counter clockwise) then start the blower. It should run then but will need to be fine tuned to reach maximum RPM.. If you need help fine tuning I can also give you those instructions.

Jay Harward
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I checked the exhaust screen but I did not check exhaust port I'll get back with you. Thanks
Expert:  Jay Harward replied 5 years ago.
Ok sounds good,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I checked the exhaust port it was clear. When I check for spark the motor needs to be turning pretty fast it order to get a weak spark as the motor slows down the spark goes away do you think it could be the coil?? Also after pulling on it for a while it starts leak fuel at the bottom of the barrel. Please advise signed ready to chuck it
Expert:  Jay Harward replied 5 years ago.
With it leaking fuel I would say it still has a carb problem. Try starting it tomorrow after it has dried out. Put the throttle lock on at wide open throttle, turn the choke on, pull it no more than 4 times on choke it should stumble once. Turn the choke off and it should start right up. If gas is still leaking out it would be flooding. The coil could be bad but usually they loose spark when they are hot not when cold, Or they just don't have any spark at all. 2 cycle can drive you crazy sometimes. but as long ad you have Fuel, air, compression, exhaust, and spark they will run great. I have ran into quite a few carbs that you can not clean even with the best cleaners. The inside ports are so tiny all it takes is one tiny piece of debris to block a passage. Are you testing the spark with a tester or just the spark plug? Im not ruling out the coil but its hard to tell over the computer. If you are testing it with a adjustable spark tester it should jump at least a 1/8" gap if not a 1/4. Let me know

Thanks again
Jay Harward