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Where can I get a carb rebuild kit for my Troy-Bilt TB75SS

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Where can I get a carb rebuild kit for my Troy-Bilt TB75SS trimmer. Item number is XXXXX I can't find any source for a kit.
OK . As you have probably noted they do not show service parts for the carburetor available.
However, if you can get the carburetor numbers from the carburetor, we can locate you the correct kit - We need to identify the carburetor brand (Zama or Walbro most likely) and the model number , in the case of Zama , there will be a casting on the carburetor body in the middle usually between the adjust screws and the pump chamber side , such as C1U , and then engraved in the body of the carburetor on a corner (one of 4 corners usually) you will find the rest, such as W53A , which gives you a carburetor model of Zama C1U-W53A

Parts can be looked up at the Zama or Walbro website, and easily ordered online once you know the correct kit number.

With Zama carburetor, it may be any of several dozen part numbers, but with Walbro it is pretty easy - If you have a walbro carburetor, you most likely have a WA or WT series , which would mean you want a K10-WAT or K20-WAT carburetor kit - one of those 2 will do.

If you have access to the carburetor and can locate a model number as described, I'll be happy to look up the parts for you.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I'll get the info off of the carb tonight and reply to you so you can guide me in the right direction. Once we get the right kit identified and i get it in hand I'll make sure you get paid.
Sure thing. Will wait for your update.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I took the carb off last night and sure enough it is a ZAMA and seems to have a C1U but it may be a C1O between the adjustment screws. I am having trouble locating the rest however. There is P22A 51B next to the bottom fuel inlet and what looks like I31L next to the top fuel inlet. I have the carb with me.
C1Q-P22A Carburetor. Zama carburetor kit GND-18 for gaskets only, of RB-52 for Gaskets and misc parts such as welch plugs, needle, metering lever, etc.

Unless you have to tear it completely apart and remove welch plugs, I'd recommend the gasket kit.

KitS can be had at among many other places (experts aren't allowed to link to their own websites, due to solicitation clause, so I can't link to mine)

There's an illustration here from Zama :

If you go here: and enter C1Q-P22A in the search for model entry box, you'll get the diagram, and parts listing, and on the zama site you can even look up their suggested retail prices.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks. I got the parts illustration and will print it out. Does the gasket kit include the metering diaphragm and the and the diaphragm pump?


I am pretty sure those are all that's wrong as the machine will start but sounds like it runs out of fuel and coughs out. It won't run at high speed at all and will only idle with the choke on for a few seconds.

OK yes the GND-18 kit includes all gaskets and diaphragms.

After you clean it up, make sure you flush out the small jets, and replace the fuel filter. (fuel filter even slightly restricted can cause problems) - even if it "looks" OK, they do get plugged up.

HOWEVER, it sounds suspiciously like a plugged exhaust - make sure you check your muffler - If you are an area that has "mud daubers" or "mud wasps" or similar (like bees that build nests of mud in small holes) it is pretty common to find a mud nest plugging the exhaust outlet on some types of mufflers. since you will have the muffler cover off (if it's the one I think) you'll probably do well to also remove the muffler and check the exhaust port for carbon plugging it up (careful not to scratch the piston or get carbon into the cylinder) and check muffler for free flow through it.

Also will want to check the cylinder bolts and the crankcase cover gasket (both have been known to work loose and leak air - crankcase air leak means the carburetor won't pump fuel) - also want to check the impulse hole and the mounting gasket where carburetor mounts, make sure those holes line up - that allows for crankcase pressure to get to the carburetor and work the fuel pump.

Metering lever on this should be set pretty much flush or level with the carburetor body where the metering diaphragm gasket mounts.

Hopefully those tips help you get a successful repair the first time around :)
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks. I'll get a kit on order and accept your answer once I i get it back together. I thought about a plugged exhaust so I took the muffler completely off and got the same results so I am pretty sure it is a fuel delivery issue but I appreciate the suggestions from an expert. Anything else I should check?
if it isn't a plugged muffler, it's a fuel problem, or fuel pump. Most often the gasket kit will take care of your issue, fuel lines can have pinholes between fuel filter and carburetor (in tank) but thats usually a different symptom.
The check valves can leak (allowing air in fuel system) but that is also a rather different symptom. If crankcase is not leaking and fuel pump works properly to pump fuel, the metering chamber is pretty much all that is left to work with - there's no other user serviceable parts than what is shown in the parts breakdown. In our shop, considering the price on the carburetor, we'll tear down carb for an inspection and if it looks clean (no corrosion and little if any varnish and gum deposits) we'll throw in a GND kit , if it appears to need any more than that, we'll install a new carburetor - Cost of the RB kit + labor time is usually as much as, if not more than, replacing the carburetor, and allows for greater tech efficiency, so we rarely if ever sell an RB kit. (In fact, with certain Walbro carburetors, the cost of a rebuild kit at retail is nearly half the price of a new carburetor!)

Let me know how it goes, no problem on waiting on the accept.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have a kit on order and it should be here next week. I'll do the rebuild next weekend and let you know / accept your answer once it get that done. I appreciate the help and wanted to let you know my progress. I really like this site and the way it operates. I'll use it again.
OK. thanks for the update - Yeah the site is pretty neat, and it gives me something to do in the off season, I'm sure the JA crew will be happy to know you're pleased with the site.
bgsengineclinic and 3 other Small Engine Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

So i got my kit and replaced the pump and diaphragm sections. I also took the needle out and sprayed everything with with carb cleaner. It will run now IF i hold the choke closed. I am beginning to suspect a fuel line with a crack or pin hole.


In all honsesty, you have answered my original question and fulfilled your obligation so I am willing to accept your answer. You helped me figure out the rebuid kit. I would sincerely XXXXX XXXXX if you would try to help me get this problemt completely solved as this thing is still not usable.


Will you continue to help me?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Last update, Dis-assembled the carb again and cleaned out everyport, blew compressed air through the high speed and low speed orifices and replaced all fuel lines. Not sure which action fixed it but it runs great now. Thanks for your help.