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bgsengineclinic, Small Engine Technician
Category: Small Engine
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Experience:  Over 20 years of experience in Small engine repair, Kohler Certified Expert Technician, Self-Employed in my own dealership.
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I have a simplicity conquest that had a Briggs 18 HP Vangaurd

Resolved Question:

I have a simplicity conquest that had a Briggs 18 HP Vangaurd engine. I want to repower it with a Kohler Command Pro 25 hp engine. can I do that?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  bgsengineclinic replied 5 years ago.
Tentatively, yes - it depends on the crankshaft dimensions, bolt pattern, and controls location, and how much space you have available. While the engine may fit, you will typically experience issues fitting up the exhaust system, and you may have to modify the wiring - Briggs & Stratton promo engines can be had - 27 HP for as low as $700 - but again the size will be larger - I would not expect the Kohler to be a drop-in replacement, but as long as the crankshaft dimensions match up, pretty much everything else can be dealt with - Exhaust can be modified, wiring can be re-wired (You'll need diagrams wire, connectors, terminals, etc) Other issues you may experience is fitting the Kohler in to the limited engine compartment space - in some cases the dash may need to be modified, the fuel tank re-located, the hood may have to be modified, and then you also need to verify your air flow for engine cooling.

In short, it is possible to replace your 18 HP Vanguard with a Kohler Command Pro, but how easy or difficult it may be is a big question.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Simplicity offered the model with a Kohler 25 HP engine for the year that I bought it. I think it was a Courage Pro, though.


Briggs Vangaurds are hard to find in the $700 - 800 price range, so I was hoping to find out how difficult it would be to re-engine with a Kohler.

Expert:  bgsengineclinic replied 5 years ago.
Oh OK - well if the same tractor model and year had the Kohler Courage option, the engine footprint is the same for Courage and Command - the only question would then be the crankshaft dimensions of the new engine - might have to replace the crank pulley otherwise, but I see no real problem with repowering with Kohler if the engine envelope fits - everything else can be modified to suit. Yes- Vanguards are hard to find- the Promo engine I refer to was plain ol' briggs V Twin - they have certain spec numbers that are listed as "promo" engines for huge discounts - they are usually the basic service engine that fits a wide range of applications. I sold a 27 HP promo this summer to repower a Husqvarna, and another 22 HP promo to repower a simplicity - both engines were under a grand.
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