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How do you change the transmission drive belt on a 2006 trpy

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How do you change the transmission drive belt on a 2006 trpy bilt pony lawn tractor
What is the full model and serial number from under the seat?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Model # XXXXX

Serial# XXXXX

The model number should start with 13am or something liike that.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
This is the number under the seat. The is the same runaround I got when I tried to look up the mauual for this unit on the Troy bilt and the MTD website. This is the number on the tag under the seat. This unit was purchased from Lowes on 4/5/2006

See attached link. Does this look like the drive system on your unit?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
That is the same parts list in my manual. Page 34

Ok, remember your model number as 13AN77TG766. Take the mower deck off. You will then need to remove the pulley from the bottom of the engine. Here is the process for the rest of the removal.CHANGING THE TRANSMISSION DRIVE BELT(S)
All belts on your tractor are subject to wear and should be replaced if any signs of cracking, shredding or
rotting are present.
IMPORTANT: The V-belts found on your tractor are specially designed to engage and disengage safely. A
substitute (non-OEM) V-belt can be dangerous by not disengaging completely. For a proper working machine,
use factory approved belts.
To change or replace the drive belt(s) on your tractor, proceed as follows:
NOTE: It's recommended that both drive belts be replaced at the same time.

  • Remove the cutting deck as instructed earlier in this section.

  • After disconnecting the battery cables, remove the battery and battery tray from beneath the seat.

IMPORTANT: When removing the battery, disconnect the NEGATIVE (Black) wire from it's terminal first,
followed by the POSITIVE (Red) wire. Re-install in reverse order.
Upper Drive Belt

  • Locate the transmission idler pulley on the upper drive belt by looking through the battery tray openin
  • Grasp the bracket and pivot the transmission idler pulley toward the rear of the tractor to release

tension on the upper drive belt.

  • Remove the belt from around the transmission idler pulley.
  • Remove the upper drive belt from around the transmission pulley and the variable-speed pulley.

NOTE: Slowly rotate the pulley counterclockwise to roll the belt off of it.

  • Remove the upper drive belt by pulling it up through the battery tray opening.
  • Reroute the new upper drive belt

Lower Drive Belt
NOTE: Proper removal of the lower drive belt requires special tools and the removal of several tractor
components. Read through the following procedure prior to attempting it to determine if you feel you could
successfully complete it. If you don't, see an authorized MTD service dealer to have the belt changed.
IMPORTANT: Note the routing of the lower drive belt around both the pulleys and the belt keepers
BEFORE performing the following steps.

  • Locate the variable-speed pulley by looking through the battery tray opening.
  • Remove the variable-speed pulley by loosening the hex bolt that affixes it to the transmission. Use a

second wrench to hold the hex nut on the bottom side of the pulley.

  • Slide the belt off of the variable-speed pulley as you lift the pulley up and out through the battery tray


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