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Why is solenoid Kohler 12 757 33-s malfunctioning?

Resolved Question:

Why does the Kohler solenoid 12-757-33-s keep malfunctioning? I have had to replace it twice in the last month.

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  Rick replied 6 years ago.

Hello, and thank you for choosing JustAnswer.

I'll be helping you today.

How have you been testing the suspected bad ones?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The first replacement at the end of May does not function. The piston does not move up or down. It's frozen. The second replacement at the beginning of June worked for 3 weeks but is now in the same condition. When attempting to start the engine the 20 amp fuse to the fuel solenoid blows. Replacing the fuse sometimes temporarily helps but eventually the fuel solenoid stops functioning. I was told by the store where I purchase the last one that is a reoccuring problem and that they sell a lot of them. At $60 a kit, I may go back to a push mower.
Expert:  Rick replied 6 years ago.

One option is to simply not use it and make sure to idle down the engine before shutting it off. Is it freezing in place because of gum or varnish building up?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Not sure how to do without it. If I disconnect it from power, no gas goes to the engine. If I remove it, gas leaks from the bottom of the pump. There does not seem to be any build up whatsoever. Both replacements look shiny and new. However, I flushed out replacement #1 and it now moves up and down. I replaced the blown fuse and installed replacement #1. The engine starts.

I flushed out replacement #2 the same way. It moves only partial up and down. I installed it. The engine started for a few seconds (maybe residual gas from previous start up) and the fuse blew. I again installed replacement #1 and replace the fuse. The engine starts. How long will it continue to start? I'll find out tomorrow when I mow the grass. This seems to be a mechanical problem with the fuel solenoid. Is this a manufacturing defect and something I should be taking up with Kohler?

Expert:  Rick replied 6 years ago.

They are a commonly replaced item, but certainly not to the degree you are describing. I would recommend asking you Kohler dealer to contact the disctributor and see what they will do for you. This is very unusual.

Is there anything about the fuel, perhaps? What brand, grade, and age of fuel are you using?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

The same type fuel has been used in the lawnmower for 4 years. BP 87 and two days old. I'll contact the dealer and Kohler.

I think you have done all that you can. Thanks.

Expert:  Rick replied 6 years ago.
Best of success and thank you so much!
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