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Anyone know how to tell if a pump on a pressure washer is bad

Customer Question

Anyone know how to tell if a pump on a pressure washer is bad? If you remove the bottom ejector portion of the pump...should the 3 pistons move freely? How can I test to see if the pump is bad?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  Outdoor Power Equipment Guru replied 6 years ago.
Hi my name is Kevin and I believe I can help you.
Pistons in pressure washers are very tight as they need to handle immense amounts of pressure. If the unit runs and water goes through it but it makes no pressure it is likely that the unloader valve is the culprit. This is the valve responsible for setting the output pressure on the pump and is usually adjustable. If the unit was put away without being cleaned out or if a chemical such as bleach was run through it it can damage the valve and make it so that it does not move and won't allow it to do its job resulting in either a deadheading issue or no pressure.