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Ranwell1, Small Engine Technician
Category: Small Engine
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Experience:  I Own a Lawn Mower Sales and service business (37years). Have 2-cycle and 4-cycle certification.
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my 91 phazer runs on one cylinder both have spark but only

Customer Question

my 91 phazer runs on one cylinder both have spark but only one plug is hot after i run it
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  Ranwell1 replied 6 years ago.

It sounds to me like a twin cylinder engine that is only running on once cylinder.


Start the engine and then, with a good set of insulated piers, pull one of the spark plug wires off and note how the engine runs.


If the engine dies, then you know that the other cylinder is not working.


If the engine runs the same, then the cylinder that you removed the plug wire from is not working.


If the engine stays running, but runs much worse than it did, then both cylinders are working.



What could cause one cylinder not to work?


1. Bad ignition coil


2. Valve rocker arm came loose. or bad valve.


3. Broken connecting rod on that side,.


4. BAd spark plug on that side.


5 Blown head gasket on that side.


Good luck.


If this is not the problem, contact me and we will look at this again.



If you don't feel comfortable with this kind of repair I would suggest sending it to a reputable shop.


Feel free to contact me here at this question anytime ...even after you hit the "ACCEPT" button ...and I will try to help further.


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