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I have a snowblower with an 11 HP OHV Tecumseh engine, about

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I have a snowblower with an 11 HP OHV Tecumseh engine, about 10 years old, which I have used from new. It has a governor problem. On starting, the engine races and will not slow down when the throttle control is moved to idle. It does stop when the throttle is moved to stop. I removed the carb cover and checked that the linkages are free to move. Before this problem became extreme I noticed that the engine was slowing down on load, like the governor was not responding as it should.
Even when new this engine showed signs of this problem. At that time I made a small adjustment to the governor arm to keep the speed down to approx 3000 rpm, but it looks like wear in the governor mechanism has brought the problem back. Suggestions??

First, there is only one correct adjustment to the governor arm, so let's set that first and see where we are afterward, please.


With the engine stopped, loosen the hardware holding the base of the governor arm and move the linkage and rotate the shaft as far as they will go toward wide open throttle. Hold them in place then re-tighten the hardware. This puts the follower arm in firm contact with the governor spool inside the engine.


Let me know and we'll continue.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks Rick. Just so you know, I am in Canada, with temp well below freezing and plenty of powder snow to blow. When I made the adjustment the engine runs at approx 2000 rpm (estimated by ear) and the governor maintained engine speed when I attacked a pile of powder snow. That's good, but it's too slow for wet snow and it runs much slower than a neighbour's Briggs & Stratton - powered blower that I repaired recently.
In more detail, to make the adjustment I loosened the clamping screw on the governor arm and felt the action of the governor spindle. It is spring loaded towards WOT and comes to a firm stop. I opened the throttle to WOT then re-tightened the clamping screw. The final adjustment was very close to how I had set it before.
Conclusion: the governor works at this setting but the engine speed is much too slow for this application.
Progress! Now let's tackle the engine speed. Can you please give me the model, spec, and serial number off the engine so I know which control bracket this one uses?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for your encouragement!! Working in frigid conditions I found the following info on the label attached to the engine:
Model OHSK110 221703A (H)
Family XTPXS 3182AF
DOM 9158
That's all I could see, but if I have missed something that you need, could you please tell me where to find it as it may be obscured by covers etc. that I would have to remove.

Thanks for your help so far.

Thank you. That's exactly what I was after. Here's a couple of drawings. Some were made with a screw to adjust the idle, others had a bend tab. Make the adjustments in the high/low locations shown to set your engine at 1850-2150 rpms low, and 3450-3750 rpms high. If you don't have a tach, you'll just have to go be ear and experience...




Let me know how you make out please. If we need to keep working just let me know but it sounds like this will get you what you're after now.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Great!! The upper diagram in your response matches the engine. I adjusted the high speed screw as suggested and got the rpm I was looking for. However, one of the adjustments I made during troubleshooting introduced some friction in the linkage that prevents the engine idling. Can't deal with that today as the sun and temp are sinking fast. Will check tomorrow to find out whether the friction is at the governor end or the carb. So I am leaving this question open in case the governor still has a problem.

Please send a reply so that I have something to respond to tomorrow.

Thanks for your help.
Glad to hear we're getting closer. Look forward to talking to you tomorrow. Have a great evening and stay warm. Cold fingers are no fun...
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi Rick, I found that some ice had formed around the hairspring at the top of the throttle spindle, so I freed it and sprayed it with silicone lube, and hopefully that will keep the ice away. Today's test runs with the covers off showed that the governor was working at idle speed, full speed, and while blowing snow, so I think we are done for now.

Many thanks for your expert knowledge and instruction on how to deal with this problem. This process avoided significant expense for me, so when I finally sign off I will add a $7 bonus making the total $20 for your services.

Best regards XXXXX XXXXX Frozen North, Stuart Campbell
Excellent. So glad to hear it. Best of success with all your hands touch, and thank you so much for the bonus!
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