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I have a Toro Porta-Heat and I just tried to fire it for the

Customer Question

I have a Toro Porta-Heat and I just tried to fire it for the first time this winter. All it does is spit out kerosene out the front and won't fire. I removed the spark plug and it looked good?? Any ideas??
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  hhp_Tech replied 6 years ago.

hhp_Tech :

Hi, thanks for using justanswer.

This is a common symptom and it is related to air pump pressure.

If air pump pressure is not correct, then the heater does not get the right amount of fuel and won't continue to run

You can also have a clogged filter adding to the issue.
regardless the pressure will have to be adjusted

You will need a gauge to set pressure by, it is a small investment to insure proper running down the road [$25 - $40].

This site <---clickable link,... has the best information to go by for setting the pressure and buying needed parts.

and here <---clickable link,... is their easy to use guide for finding the correct filter kit to order

and one more page for easy filters, pressure adjusting information

These links are for Ready Heater but your Toro operates exactly the same, ... uses a lot of the same parts, ... and the information cannot be explained much better.

If you need any more information from me, please ask your questions here.
I will be in and out over the next few hours, so please be patient.



JACUSTOMER-g544pwe2- :

Where would I purchase the pressure gauge?

hhp_Tech :

Hi,... sorry I have not got back with you any sooner.

On that page with the gauge the yellow box takes you to their main page which has the link to the one they sell

Click <-------- Main page

Click <-------- Gauge linked page