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Dont have owners manual for my cub cadet src 621 lawnmower.

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Don't have owner's manual for my cub cadet src 621 lawnmower. How can I change engine oil. Where is oil plug located.
CLICK HERE for your owners manual.

The Model # (src621) and Serial # XXXXX required to log in.
Once in - it should be a clickable link for view or download.


Edited by Bluextc89 on 7/12/2010 at 4:59 PM EST
The oil change is pretty difficult on this model - but it CAN be done.

There's a space in the casting on the side of the engine for a plug, but there's no plug
there (this happens to be right behind where the speed control cable
goes through the deck, so a plug wouldn't be accessible there anyway).

The plug is on the bottom of the engine, beneath the mower deck,
but unlike the old Snapper, the Cub Cadet has a baffle plate and the bracket for the drive pulley both in the way of accessing the drain plug.

To remove the baffle plate you first have to remove the
blade, then the baffle plate can be pivoted back by removing three
screws (to remove the plate completely you have to remove 2 more screws
but getting at these would require removing the rear wheels).

I'm not sure just pivoting the plate would allow the mower to be turned right
side up for draining oil unless I put it up on sawhorses or something
high to allow the plate to hang down with the mower level.

It would be best I think to also remove the drive pulley bracket for better access
and to avoid getting drain oil all over the belt and pulley/bracket

The manual describes the process for removing the bracket
(for changing the belt), which includes unbolting the transmission from
the rear of the deck (I think just to get more slack in the belt).

The manual actually does say to remove the drain plug to change the oil (and
simply says to remove it, it doesn't say how to reach it), so I can't
believe they made access so difficult.

You may think about looking for some kind of pump to pull the old oil out through
the fill tube... than go through this every season.

Good Luck!!
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