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Hank F.
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have 20 hp onan engine on wheelhorse hydro. it seems not to

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have 20 hp onan engine on wheelhorse hydro. it seems not to get full throttle have adjusted the govoner its better but don't seem to go to full throtle. I also have an onan engine on another wheelhorse 16 hp and seems to run better, the 16 hp is std.trans. eather carb has no adjustments have cleaned them both used airasul carb cleaner, also the 20 hp plugs were pretty dirty wiyh carbon .checked compression and had 120 lbs each cyl, putinn new plugs,.030 gap and runs the same. any sugestions ?


What is the full model number of the engine?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
engine model#P220G-1/10955G
20 hp 4cycle Twin cylander

First, if the plugs were that bad, they should be changed if you have not already.

Next, the gap should be .025". .030" is a little wide for this engine.


If the engine was surging, and cleaning the carb stopped the surging, I highly suspect the carb is still restricted.

Not knowing for sure how you cleaned it (just spraying it out does no good), here is my recommendation for a proper cleaning.



This is a classic symptom of a carburetor that has become plugged with varnish.


As gas gets old, it turns to varnish and clogs up the passageways inside the carburetor, not allowing enough gas to get to the engine.

When this happens, either the engine simply will not start, or it will not run without the choke on (this reduces the amount of air getting pulled into the engine, changing the fuel/air mixture), or it will run but surges.


Another issue that varnish in the carb can cause is that the varnish may not allow the float needle to seal properly against the seat, causing the flow of gas to not shut off when the bowl is full. The result will be gas overflowing the carb and running into the cylinder, and possibly out the air intake. If the gas gets into the cylinder, it will seep past the rings and down into the crankcase. This will be evidenced by your oil level being over-full and/or the oil smelling like gas.


The only 2 solutions are to either replace the carburetor or give it a good, thorough cleaning.

To clean the carb, you must remove it, disassemble it (making sure to remove all non-metal parts), and soak it in a commercial solvent for several hours. Soaking it overnight is even better.

Then clean all solvent off with a spray type carb cleaner, making sure to get lots of cleaner into every hole and passage there is. Pay special attention to the tiny holes in the bore of the carb, under the throttle plate for the carbs that have these holes. Use lots of cleaner. And make sure to wear safety goggles to avoid getting the over spray into your eyes. There will be over spray.

Dry the carb with low pressure compressed air.

When reassembling the carb, make sure to use a carb kit, when one is available for your carb.


Occasionally, even a good cleaning is not going to be sufficient, and you may end up having to replace the carb anyhow. Be prepared for this.


Please let me know what you find.


Edited by Hank F. on 7/5/2010 at 4:11 AM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
hank thanks for your advice, but all has been done, I soaked the carb and cleaned all the small hole with compressed air and used "cyclo" carb cleaner that is why I'm nuts at this point. Do you know of a reasonable outlet for parts ? I accept your answer and you confirmed my concolusion the carb only has a couple of parts and I'd like to get a oh kit but the dealers think they sell gold parts$$$ any advice on suppliers. thanks
John [email protected]

Give me a few minutes to check some of my sources.


There are actually 2 different kits required for this carb.

The carb kit is part number(NNN) NNN-NNNN

The accelerator pump kit is part number(NNN) NNN-NNNN


Both are available directly from any Cummins distributor.

The 0657 lists about $34.

The 0658 lists about $8.


They are also available from: 0657-$33.54 0658-$7.36 0657-$60.43 0658-$13.27 0657-$37.50 0658-$8.50 0657-$47.96 0658-$13.68


There are probably other places these parts are available, but you would have to do a a search on them to find them.


The entire carb from Cummins will run about $230.


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