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Have 2005 Cub Cadet LT1050. Has Kohler Courage 23 horse model

Resolved Question:

Have 2005 Cub Cadet LT1050. Has Kohler "Courage" 23 horse model SV720S engine. Trouble is low power, running rough, hard to start, and once running, slow to get RPM's up at full throttle. It is 2 cylinder. Finally pulled brand new plugs out and found that the right spark plug(sitting on the mower) is badly fouled and black, and the other is clean. Having quite a time figuring this out, and can't locate an adequate manual online to help me even get to the carburator, even if I need too. There may not even be adjustments on the carb, and that may not even be my problem. HELP please!!??
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  roger replied 7 years ago.


This is usually a condition where the clean plug is not firing.The engine is running on one cylinder.Crank engine again and let run a few minutes.Touch both plugs.The one thats fouled is probably warm the other will be cold.Check fire by grounding both plugs to the block and check for fire.The coil will do this when it goes bad just firing one plug.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hello Roger, Both plugs appear to be firing. I put a screw driver in each plug wire, cranked, and got a spark from both. Both plugs are new. And the fact that the "right" plug is very black with carbon is an indication of trouble, is it not? Do I get charged for every reply you send to me? Lord, let me know as I cannot afford that.
Expert:  roger replied 7 years ago.

It is better to see if the plugs are firing first.If they are even the fouled plug may not be firing under compression.Your not charged each time just once.If your running rich on one side it is probably time for a carb rebuild.One side is running too rich.I suspect there is trash or varnish in the carb.Really need to remove,disassemble and soak in carb dip.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks Roger. First i will crank machine. I will let run a couple of minutes. I will check for a cold plug. Then, if I understand correctly, I will remove both plugs, leave plug wires attached, and watch for sparks on plug gaps. To do this, with the plugs out, I will ground them agaist the head or other metal parts of the engine. So, the "clean" right plug may indicate that it is not firing. The badly fouled "left" plug may indicate a carb that is contaminated. Thus meaning that I could concievably have two separate problems? Now, IF I I must remove and soak the carburator, that is not a problem, but I must figure out what is involved with getting too, and removing the carburator. With the engine cover in place I cannot even see the carb. Of course getting to the carb is a more detailed answer needed from you, so if you have a link as to how to achieve this, please email it to me. I want to be helpful in giving you the information to help me. Nor do I wish to out do my welcome! I am glad to have a pro on my side here, and I must get this fixed. The machine has been down a month and my grass will need a very healthy mower to handle the South Louisiana, St. Augustine grass that is already 8 or 10 inches high. A drought recently has given me a bit of time to get this right, but rain chances starting today, are greatly increased. My cell will be with me constantly until we get this straight so when texts from you are recieved, I will respond at once.



Expert:  roger replied 7 years ago.

Hello bob,

Do as you have indicated so we can narrow some things down.Then we can go from there.sometimes it is better to remove blower housing sheet metal from around the flywheel to see the carb mounting bolts.roger

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