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I am having trouble with a Sears Craftsman chain saw oiler

Resolved Question:

I am having trouble with a Sears Craftsman chain saw oiler.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  mcatlin replied 7 years ago.

The metering assembly # XXXXX more than likely is your culprit,fed off of crankcase preasure and in turn forces oil through system. Part number for this part isNNN-NN-NNNNand is no longer available through sears. Let me know if you have any questions on this post Mikegraphic

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I replaced the sponge going in and the tube going out and verified that the part #19 was still in good condition. I don't think that the pressure is being generated in ths crankcase to begin with.
Note: I will have to be away from my computer until later this afternoon. Please leave any additional information and I will respond later today or this evening.
Expert:  mcatlin replied 7 years ago.
How did you verify that the metering assembly was good? Did you replace the gasket? If your saw is running,you are making crankcase preasure,the only way you would not have crankcase preasure is if your rings were bad or if your crankshaft seals were bad of if your center crankcase seam was leaking. All of these would keep saw from running or suck enough air to lean the saw to the point of seizure. Let me know Mike
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I did replace both of the gaskets (one above and one below the metering valve). The only thing specifically that I did to test the metering assembly was to blow through it to make sure it was not blocked. The saw runs good. It has good compression and and plenty of power to cut. The new tube that I put in is open. I blew through it and the oil that was in it oozed out. I ran the saw for quite a while and it never did bring oil onto the bar. Normally after it is started and revd once or twice it will carry over and you can hold it up close to a tree or a piece of wood and see the oil sling out.

I will not be back at my computer until tomorrow evening. If you have any further input please respond. I'll get back with you after that.
Expert:  mcatlin replied 7 years ago.
As long as the tube is clear and # XXXXX vent tube is clear seal on the cap is good you have all ready replaced check valve and all the gaskets,and saw has no running issues there is only one thing left in the system. The metering valve is the only component left.if the valve is requiring more preasure to open than the crankcase produces due to age or deposits,the valve will not work properly. Let me know Mike
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