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Noma Performance snowblower belt replacement and maintenance tips

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I have Noma Performance Snow King snowblower. It has a 9hp Tecumseh engine and 27" width. I bought it second hand from a friend who was moving. Guessing it is about 7-8 years old. It runs great but I need to replace the belts (need sizes or part #), type of oil, etc. I would love to locate a manual and print it online. Any chance someone can guide me? Thank you, Frank

Unfortanately Noma is one of those brands that you will probably not find any new parts for. The engine you will find all the parts you may need.

As far as the belts go, the best answer is to remove them and bring them in to a small engine shop. They will be able to measure them with a belt guide and match them up to some aftermarket belts without a problem.

You will want to use 5W-30 oil in that engine, and run a champion RJ19LM plug

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for your reply. Any other suggestions to keep a snowblower running well? Like grease certain areas? Watch for wear in certain areas? I live in Southern NJ and we normally do not get much snow. Guess what? We have received almost 80" so far. This machine is a huge help but I don't want to ruin it. Any other suggestions would be helpful!
Lube everything that moves with white lithium spray grease. Pay special attention to all the moving parts inside the belly pan, Grease the auger if it has grease zerks. Pay attention to the cables as they are very hard to come by if at all. Drain all the fuel out of your machine at the end of the winter, and then start it (to run anything out thats left in the carb) . If you take care of it, it should last you a good amount of time. Also pick up an extra auger belt when you get your new belts, you'll need it eventually
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