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Jon K.
Jon K., Small Engine Diagnostic Expert
Category: Small Engine
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Experience:  Gold certified Stihl tech, Service Manager for a rental/repair shop.Certified in most small engines
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I have a murray 10 HP snow blower that is a 27 . The problem

Resolved Question:

I have a murray 10 HP snow blower that is a 27". The problem I am having is that the gear lever does not select the actual gear. Some times in reverse 1 & 2 it goes forward; and in the forward gears I can never select the lowest gear just the fast gears. When I putt the snowblower in forward 1 it is going way to fast.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  Jon K. replied 7 years ago.
The linkage that extends from your selector to the drive disc needs to be adjusted. The easiest way to correct this is to turn your snowblower up on it's snout and remove the belly pan (4-6 bolts with a 3/8 head). Then move the selector back and forth. You will see a black rubber drive disc moving when you change speeds. Just under that drive disc is a metal plate that drives the disc. Set your selector to Neutral (even if it's not an actual speed it will be between 1st gear forward and first gear reverse. Find the adjustment on the linkage, and adjust it until that drive disc is centered on the metal plate. Tighten everything up and replace the belly pan and you should be all set.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Does not sound like that will take very long do I have to drain the fuel to do this?
Expert:  Jon K. replied 7 years ago.

No you do not have to drain the fuel. Just watch the gas cap as they sometimes leak when tipped up. Just set a drain pan under it and you will be fine.

And no it should only take you about ten minutes to be up and running at normal speed.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
So I have it a part and the disk that spins the axel appears that it needs to between these two sets of forks that allows you to select a gear. Right now the disk is able to go wherever it likes. how do you get the disk in the forks?
Expert:  Jon K. replied 7 years ago.
Yes it does need to be between the forks. you will need to disassemble the drive system in order to get everything back in place. On a murray you may be able to slide the fork to one side and undo the adjustment we talked about and almost force it back together. Otherwise I would suggest bringing it in to a shop. I know you asked here to avoid that, but this is not really something that can be talked through over the internet.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
OK, so I cheated. See that we are in the middle of 24" of snow I was able to bend the forks enough to get the gear inside the forks. Then I re-bent the forks to come down over the top of the gear. This is the sign that I need a better snowblower. What is your heavy duty snowblower of choice?
Expert:  Jon K. replied 7 years ago.

Heavy duty snowblower would be a good ariens, snapper, or simplicity in order of price.

Please do not forget to hit accept or I will not get paid. Glad to hear you got your snowblower working

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