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MTD Snowblower - 315-150-118 - cable that runs from handle

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MTD Snowblower - 315-150-118 - cable that runs from handle to unitcame loose; what is this connected to and how do i reconnect?

The cable connects to the idler pulley arm. this is the arm that tightens the belt. When you tighten the cable, it pulls the idler pulley against the belt to tighten it. There should be Z-bend on the end of the cable that just hooks into a hole in that arm. Some cables have a spring on the end of them that go in the hole in the arm, but I don't see a spring in the picture.


Here is a parts list that should give you an idea


The arm is #37 and the cable is #31 in the picture.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

to make sure i'm asking the right question, the part at the top of the handle that the cable is connected to is normally apart from the handle. when grasped and pulled to the handle, the auger turns.this cable came loose and the part at the top of the handle is no longer apart, but has no tension.and you can visibly see the cable is loose.

what might have caused this to have broken off? is there any likelyhook i'm dealing with a broken cable. if it is the 'z-bend' which broke off, what work around is there, asI'm dealing with having to address a potential snow storm in the am and have few parts available


Yes you must have a broken cable. Most likely the Z-band broke off.


I thought you were talking about the cable coming off at the bottom, not the top.


A make-shfit fix could be to take a piece of wire and bend it around the end of the cable. then poke ithe wire throught the hole that the z-bend was supposed to go through and twist it together to keep it in the hole..


Most likely the cable will now be too long because of the elngth of the wire. One solution is to tie a knot in the cable, this will shorten the cable. You may have to try several different lengths of wire until you get one the right length to put the correct tension on the belt......




You could make a loop or a knot on the end of the cable. This wil do two things, it will shorten the cable and it will give you a place to put either a spring or a wire through.


Remember, this is just a temporary fix.




You might just remove the cable from both ends and run a wire or a rope up the handle and connect it. Make sure that you reder the new cable as soon as you can because with this winter ewather, these parts are getting sold out fast.







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