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I have a Cub Cadet LT 1050 mower with Kohler Courage Twin OHC

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I have a Cub Cadet LT 1050 mower with Kohler Courage Twin OHC 23 hp engine.\r\n
I need a picture or manual page showing how the engine controls are set up. These are the throtle/choke cables, that are connected to the governor and associated linkages, that sit at the front of the tractor behind the muffler guard.
The mfg date is Oct 2006.
The Model # XXXXX the driver seat is 13AP11CP756 and engine is 23 HP Courage KOH.
Again, I need to see the complete set up, not a blown up parts schematic.



See attached link. Enter SV720 as the model number. Click search. Scroll down on the next page and it will show service to the far right. Click on that and you can download the service manual which should show you what you are looking for.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.



The manual is spot on and thanks for the link. I have the engine controls installed correctly now.


The other problem I have it that there are two wires left over I'm not sure about. They are violet and green. The original engine did not have a presure sensor. The previous owner installed a manual oil pressure guage that uses a clear line that shows measure the oil pressure. I mention this because the manual schematics show the green wire as the wire for the oil pressure switch and the violet wire shows as "charging."


I'm trying to figure out where the wires go. For example...there is a white kill lead wire that has two connectors on it that I have attached to the single lead of each ignition module. I have the single lead side of the ignition module for the #1 cylinder pointing up and the single lead side of the idnition module for the number 2 cylinder pointing down, again, with the white kill lead connected to each single lead, but am unsure if I have attached the wires correctly.


My engine is the 23 HP Courage, SV720.


Additionally, the service manual speaks of a B+ lead that should be installed in the center position of the Rectifier Regulator. I can find no such wire...unless either the green or violet wire is to be used in this sense.


Any clarification you could provide would be much appreciated...and please let me know if additional payment is needed.





The green wire for the oil pressure ties into the ground system with the white wires. It shuts the engine off if the oil level gets low. The violet wire should be for the charging.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.



Could you be more specific....understand I am no mechanic, just an avid do-it-yourselfer motivated by necessity....if you know what I mean.


I need to know if the SV720 has a B+ lead that is connected in the center position of the Rectifier Regulator...and am wondering if the violet wire is the wire to use here.


As for tieing the green wire in with the white is that accomplished? Do the white wires connect to the ignition modules next to the fly wheel? Of so, do I need to tie in the green wires there?



Are you certain this is the original engine for this tractor? Has the wiring been modified? I am trying to find a wiring diagram and am not finding one yet.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.



The Kohler SV720 engine that was original to the tractor died with the previous owner. The owner then received, not sure if warranty or bought, a new replacement engine, not rebuilt.

The engine is the same as the original. The spec# XXXXX XXXXX and the serial # XXXXX XXXXX /p>


So to answer your question, this is a new motor. Mater of fact...I had to tap all hole on block for screws and bolt to complete assembly.


The tractor did not come with an oil pressure guage, but the owner did install a mechanical gauge that uses no power whatsoever. Which makes me wonder why the gree pressure switch wire was included in the wiring harness in the first place.


I used the service manual for the SV720 you sent me the link to to help me identify the wiring. According to the manual, the Electronic Ignition System comes in three flavors...(CD), (DSAI) or (DSAM). Judging by the diagrams in the service manual, and my wire harness, I think mine is the CD the ignition modules have one single tab on one side and 2 tabs on the opposite side. The single tab will accept a connection whereas the side with two tabs will not as the tabs are welded/connected to the module with very little hanging over the edge to connect anything to.


I ask if the violet wire is the B+ wire that gets connected to the Rectifier Regulator because ALL EIS system diagrams show the violet charging wire being connected in the center position of the Rectifier Regulator.


I currently have the white wires connected to the ignition modules per the diagram, but am unsure how and or where to connect the violet and green wires.





I do not think that the LT 1050 came with a twin cylinder engine. The original engine I think was a single cylinder. Also the reason may be that the engine you are putting on has a different stator on it and that is why the wiring is different. The manual oil pressure gage should be removed. The switch only senses low oil levels, not pressure. I need to find a wiring diagram for the tractor. If this engine has a different charing system from the original, then you may have to cut and splice. Let me do some looking.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.



It did... the guy sent along the old block because it had bolts in it he thought I would need for the rebuild.


The short block I have installed is a perfect replacement for the one that came original with the tractor. The manual oil gauge is a simple pressure guage and is not wired into the tractor's electrical system in any way.


You need a few pics?

Yes, post some pictures of the connections you are having trouble with along with where they come from. I found the wiring diagram, but it is not clear.