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Bluextc89, Mechanic
Category: Small Engine
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Experience:  Golf Cart, Overhead Door, and Tractor repairs.
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I have a LT1000 riding mower mod #917.2720601 with a kohler

Customer Question

I have a LT1000 riding mower mod #917.2720601 with a kohler engine mod #CV460S spc.26509 s/n XXXXXXXXXX the thing wont charge the battery. it has a new battery,and i have current coming out of the stater on all three wires. is there a regulator in this system? if so where. thanks Denny
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  Bluextc89 replied 7 years ago.

CLICK HERE for the manual to this tractor.

There may be a few problems with your unit.
1. Bad battery (but you said it's new)
2. Bad regulator
3. Bad alternator (aka stator in this type of engine).

Page 33 of the manual has the electrical schematic.

This tractor is not equipped with a regulator.
You will find in the schematic that the battery charging diode sends power through the ignition switch path to charge the battery.

Check for voltage (3A DC) before and after the diode to verify correct power.
Then you will need to check it on it's path from the ignition switch to the battery (usually at the fuse is fine)

The most common place for failure is the starter solenoid wiring being corroded or broken. however absence of proper voltage points to the stator.

#10 on page 52 of the manual is the stator (part # XXXXX referenced on pg 53)
CLICK HERE to see/order the part for approx $43.

Since you indicate 0 voltage at the battery - it's almost certain the stator is to blame.

Thanks for using J.A.