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Poulan 3800 has two fuel line that needs to be replaced.

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Poulan 3800 has 2 fuel lines that need to be replaced. One is connected to a fuel filter inside the fuel tank. I am assuming the other one is a vent. Where does it go and do I need to connect it to anything underneath? If so I will have to do a lot of disassembly.

One line goes from the fuel tank to the carburetor and the other one goes to the primer.

The second line is the return line for the primer. It only sticks down into the tank about 1/2'.

The hard one to repace is the one with the fuel filter on the end. Here is some instructions on how to replace the line with th filter on it.

When we replace the fuel lines, we make sure that we have about 2 feet of line to work with. You don't try to put it in the same way it was at the factory.

The first thing that you do is make sure that you have the "CORECT" size line...this line must fit VERY snug through the hole in the tank as it has to seal against the tank so it doesn't leak.

Now, first take the 2 foot piece of line and split the line right down the middle and then slice off that half of the line leaving 1 1/2 foot of complete line with a 6" tail that is split wide open.

Take the end that is split and poke it into the small hole in the tank. Get a pair of forceps or needle nose pliers and reach through the gas cap hole and grab a hold of that line. Pull the line out of the cap hole until the entire split part is outside. Cut the split part off and install the fuel filter. Now grab other end of the line and pull on it until the filter is laying in the bottom of the tank. Measure how much of the remaining line is needed to reach the carburetor and cut off the extra. Then install the end of the line on the carb.

Now, that's not too hard is it? lol

The biggest mistake people make is that they don't buy a long enough piece of fuel line...or the don't get the right size of line.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for the quick reply, But I need more details on the primer line. The main fuel line is visible to both sides but the other end of the "primer" is buried down where I cant see it. it was brittle and broke into small pieces also

Find the primer on the saw. It should have two lines connected to it.

One of them is the line that goes into the tank and the other one goes to the carburetor.

I don't have the breakdown in front of me near at home and I don't remember exactly where the primer is on this saw or how it comes off. Many times there is just a small slot on the side of the primer that allows you to push on both sides of the primer to release the primer form the case. Others you have to remove a cover to get to the lines. Sorry, I wish I could remember how this exact model is.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.


There is a Start Switch, choke adjust, manual chain oiler and a trigger throttle. There is no manual primer. I am assuming that your talking about the small rubber bulb that you see on other 2 cycle engines. Is it a auto primer of some sort buried down underneath?

Yes I was talking about the primer bulb like on other 2-cyles. If yours doesn't have one, I must have been thinking about a different modle. Sorry.

In any case, the majority of my answer was correct. The other line that I said went to a primer then most likely a vent hose as you mentioned before. Usualy these go to a oneway valve somewhere near the carburetor. It is used to vent the gas tank so the fuel will flow. Many saws used to vent through the gas cap, but they decided that it was safer to use a oneway vent.

You may be able to find more information about this saw by taking the model and serial number and going to this website: they are the distributor for Poulan and many other brands. Start by looking up the parts list and trying to see if you can locate the lines and where they go. Then see if they have a service manual. You may actually have to call them on the phone to get the service manual.

I hope this was helpful, Sorry about the wrong information about the primer. Yours must be an older saw than I was thinking of.

Get back to me if you need any more help. You can just come back to this question anytime (Even if you decide to ACCEPT and pay me ) I will still get your messages and can try to help.