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I have trouble starting my 1991 Cub Cadet model 1535. Apparently,

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I have trouble starting my 1991 Cub Cadet model 1535. Apparently, even when the PTO clutch switch is turned off the PTO is not completely disengaged. Recently when I turned the key the "disengage PTO" indicator would light dimly, but the bendix would engage and start the tractor. Today the indicator comes on full bright and the bendix does not engage. I have tried jiggling the PTO switch; no luck. I tried disconnecting the hot wire to the PTO clutch; the first time I hit the starter it engaged but I let up on the starter before the engine fired. After that time the result was the same whether this wire was connected or not - full red indicator and no bendix engagement.



This is going to be a diffiecu;t thing to try to fix over the internet. You most likely have either a shorted wire somewhere or even a bad solenoid.....or both.....



You are getting electricity when you are not supposed to. WE have to find out where the short is. Try changing the starter solinoid and see if this helps. This is the easiest thing to try and should only cost about $15 or so.


You also could have a bad IGNITION Switch that is letting electricity pass from one post to another that is not supposed to get it yet.



If this doesn't fix the problem, then all of the wires are going to have to be checked and traced.


I hope this helps at least a little.


Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Your answer sounds good. Give me a few days to work on it. I am a little slow in proving things out and accepting but I have not stiffed anyone yet. Count on it, you will not be the first.
Ok, will wait for your reply.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Based on your input I finally borke down and started pulling the main harness out of the tractor so I could look for insulation damage. In the process I came upon the reverse switch (Cub Cadet part no.(NNN) NNN-NNNN. The red plastic cover on this switch is broken. Also, the reverse indicator light has never worked since I have owned the tractor (5 years). Could this be my short? I checked and the reverse switch is not available from them. If this could be the problem please advise how I can bypass it in the circuit.


Yes it is very likely that the switch is the problem. I wish I could tell you how to bypass the switch, but is leagally not somethig that we are allowed to do.


Here is a website for a large Cub Cadet dealer that might be able to help you.


Yes it is NLA even from Cub Cadet. You might try contacting Cub Cadet and ask them for the names of several of their largest dealer accross the US and start calling until you find someone that has one in stock.


Most likely, If I had the tractor here at my shop, I could make a substitute part from another brand work, but without the tractor, I can't even begin to figure out what to substitute.


You may find a Cub dealer in your area that could do the same.

I realixe that this is not an immediate fix for your problem, but it is the only answer available. I have searched the internet for about half an hour to see if I could come up with one...even E-bay and haven't found a switch.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX on it.


Let me know what happens. Good luck.





Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I will. It might not be untill the weekend. But, trust me I will.



Great, just hoping things work out.








Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I made progress today. The reverse switch is not the problem. I have 13 volts to the hot pole on the starter when the ignition key is turned to start with the PTO switch turned off. I have 13 volts to the hot connector at the PTO clutch when the PTO switch is on. The PTO clutch is new this year.


I worked on this thing most of the day and made several attempts to start it. On 3 occasions the bendix engaged and turned the engine over fine. I did not hold it long enough to fire it up. All other times it sounded like the starter was running but the bendix did not engage.


What is next?

Ok, good. that gives me some more information to go on.


First make sure that the battery is FULLY charged. You must charge to for about 8 to 10 hours at 6 amps to get a full charge. Even if you are getting 13 volts, you may not have the cranking amps needed to turn the starter mtor over fast enough to engage the starter gear.



If you are sure that the battery is fully charged, the the problem is most likely the starter. It could be the starter gear assembly, but usually it is the starter that is weak and is not turning fast enough to enguage the gear. Another thing that can cause this is if ther is ANY grease or oil on any part of the starter gear or the shaft that the gear rides on. Many people think that if it is not working properly that they should oil or grease it. That is wrong. NO GREASE and NO OIL.


Good luck


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