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TaxTom, Small Engine Technician
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Experience:  Operated Lawn Mower business for 20 years. Can find manuals and parts for many brands.
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1. What type of oil for a Kohler 20 hp engine in a craftsman

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1. What type of oil for a Kohler 20 hp engine in a craftsman law tractor?
2. Does this engine have an alternator/generator? If so, how can you tell if it is bad?

Just changed the oil.   Tractor runs for about 2 minutes and then sputters out.
Hello, best oil to use would be a 10 W 30 motor oil. This unit has a altenator under the flywheel and a regultor on the side of the engine. Did the problem start suddenly? Any smoke out of the exhaust? If you will send me your model number which should be under or around seat I will see if I can help. Thanks Tom
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Model number isNNN-NN-NNNN Did use 10 w 30. Seen the regulator mounted on the side of the engine. Checked wires for looseness, all fine. Do have a voltmeter but don't know what to check. Haven't seen the alternator and don't know how to get the flywheel off.

Oil is slightly overfull. Will drain a little (probably not more than 2-3 ounces).

Problem did start very suddenly. Worked yesterday morning before changing oil, started this after changing oil. No smoke or anything, just sputters and dies. As I said the battery appears dead but starts up when jumped fine. Then sputters and dies after about a minute. That's why I was thinking alternator/electrical.

Actually the charging system will not keep it from running but a bad battery will. First your system can me damaged by jump starting to often so do when only absolutly necessary. Second your engine is equipped with a fuel shutoff solenoid that needs voltage to run. Try charging battery or replacing battery before going to deep in to electrical system. If after you fix battery problem, and it still does not retain a charge than you can check charging system out. Here is a link for the service manual on your engine
Just a note, yours is actually considered to be a 21HP engine and is in the Courage line. Thank You Tom Please click accept.
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