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I need the fuel line routing diagram for a Poulan 2150 cha

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I need the fuel line routing diagram for a Poulan 2150 chainsaw

Here's a diagram that should help. Let me know if anything isn't answered.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Rick, I,m more confused with your diagram. Tank to the primer bulb, fine but from the primer bulb to the carb there ar two inlets on the carb, which one is fuel inlet and which one is the return to the tank

If I remember your saw correctly, don't you have a barbed fitting and a smooth brass fitting on the carburetor? The barbed fitting is fuel, the smooth is return to the tank.


If yours is different, please let me know the type or serial number of the saw. The straight 2150 has been made in 7 different versions, plus the Predator, LE, and LX versions for another 11 variations.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
rick both fittings are smooth and same diameter (large) line One fitting goes into the carb top section the other is on the lower half of the carb. I am trying to find the serial # XXXXX its the Poulan 2150 Woodsman, not their pro series

The line from the fuel tank filter goes into the upper fitting of the carburetor. The line from the lower fitting of the carburetor continues on to the small nipple on the purge bulb. Then the return line goes from the large nipple on the purge bulb to the top of the fuel tank.


Kind of a confusing setup, but does this make sense?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Doesn't sound logical, but your the expert. Can you send me that diagram? The serial number of this machine is 99105D100504-4 with a Walbro carb. 36cc displacement

Here's the diagram, but I don't know it will tell you much. I asked so I could verify which Walbro carb you have (WT-324). I'll link to a carburetor service manual as well and then try to explain it so it makes sense.


2150 Type 4


Walbo WT Manual


First, although many refer to this as a primer system, it's not. It's a purge system. This will not "prime" the carburetor by pushing fuel up into the throat, it simply "purges" the air from the fuel line so that a solid fuel supply is available for easy starting. If you notice, you also have a choke. That's what richens the mixture during startup, not the primer.


The purge bulb has two one-way check valves that make it work like a one-way pump. When you press the bulb, it draws fuel from the fuel filter in the tank up through the carburetor. You will see the bulb fill with fuel as this happens. It's a lot of line to fill up, so it takes about 4-6 pushes for all this to happen. When the lines get full of fuel, the excess gets returned via the large nipple of the purge bulb to the tank through the line coming in from the top.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks Rick, Now I understand the Purge/Prime difference. This system draws fuel from the tank thru the carb to the bulb and then back to the tank. You spent alot of time and I appreciate it I would have had it wrong without you. Mike
Very glad to help. Thanks for the accept!