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James W
James W, Small Engine Troubleshooting Expert
Category: Small Engine
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Experience:  7 years as Mechanic & Parts Manager for Brother who has Owned Lawn & Garden Repair shop for 35 years
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I picked up a Snapper Lawn Ryder and I am trying to find out

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I picked up a Snapper Lawn Ryder and I am trying to find out the year of manufacture. It has a Tecumseh Engine unknown HP. The serial number is XXXXX and there is another number I am not sure it the type TVM140 70385L can you help me identify this item.

-Could you explain your situation a little more?

I know that you said the serial number is XXXXX


But can you provide me the Model number of the rider..


In fact any and all numbers off the plate would be helpful..


Also the serial number of the engine






Using model LEV115-57010B, serial 8105C as an

example, interpretation is as follows:

LEV115-57010B is the model and specification number

LEV Low Emissions Vertical

115 Indicates a 11.5 cubic inch displacement

57010B is the specification number used for properly

identifying the parts of the engine

8105C is the serial number

8 first digit is the year of manufacture (1998)

105 indicates calendar day of that year (105th day

or April 15, 1998)

C represents the line and shift on which the

engine was built at the factory

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
From the information you provided how can I telkl if the machine is a 1997 ,1987 , or1977. I know the machine is old I don't beleave its a 1997. As far as the engine displacement your example would indicate that I have a 14 cu inch displacement how does that translate to horse power?

The TVM 140 is a 6 HP engine..


The model and serial number info on the rider would go a long way to determining the decade the rider was made in..


Also, the instruction book may have a date on the back cover..



James W and other Small Engine Specialists are ready to help you

Thanks for the neutral feedback.. I am somewhat offended.


I was not done answering your question...


I asked for the Model number AND serial number of teh rider.


You Did not provide me both..


Without Both I was not able to Get a copy of the manual for you (which is what I intended to do)..


I only had the model and spec of the engine.. Not both for the rider.. Did you forget?


I was working hard to help, and was giving you the best information I could based on the Incomplete answers you gave me..



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

With all do respect James I provided you with the numbers on the rider. You need to re-read my response to your request for further information. The numbers on the snapper rider is Model # XXXXX Serial #73008655. If you did not receive that information I am sorry, but when I replied to you confirmed receiving by replying back to me with your answer.

Unfortunate experience.

[email protected]

The 25066 or 25066s Units were not made in 1977 and production on them had stopped before 1997..


So we must assume that the engine was manufactured in 1987.

The unit engine was most likely put on a 1988 version of the snapper mower...


I have seen several references to the 1989 version of the 25066, so I pretty sure That Yours was made for the 1988 Model Year.


It was Easy to track down Not that I have all the information that I asked for including the model and serial number of the rider..


If you Start at the Top of this "Blog" you will see a complete History of our Question and answer series.

I have no way to edit your answers. I have no way to edit one of MY answers after you have seen it.


If you read closely, you will see that THIS was the ONLY time that you provided me with the information I requested..

Thank you for providing it, because I was finally able to give you what you wanted..


Here is a complete parts list and set of parts diagrams


Here is a generic repair manual that covers your unit and also helps to verify the manufacture date.


Sorry for the mis understanding, but if you see the history, I did the bes I could with what I had to work with.


Please don't hold it against Just answer..


Usually most of are so helpful, we get Bonuses. We are pretty proud of our reputaion and feedback hsitory, that we get a little protective of it.


Please use us again...