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I have a Ryobi SS30. How in the h*** did they get the fuel

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I have a Ryobi SS30. How in the h*** did they get the fuel supply line with the filter assembled in the gas tank? All of a sudden mine would run for a minute then quit. When I dumped the gas the white fuel line with the filter attached fell out, leaving the black line that runs through a hole in the tank in place. I pulled out the black fuel line from the tank that goes to the carb and it was all mangled. There was nothing in the tank that looked like it physically connected the white fuel line with the filter to the black supply fuel line to the carb. There are no access holes in the tank other than the filler and these fuel lines are on the other side of the tank. How did they do it? Do I just have to buy a new tank assembly?

There are several trick to doing this. I'm not sure I can explain exactly you can understand it...I just do it.


First of all, it is done at the factory with special tools.


They actually put half of it together at a time.


When we replace the fuel lines, we make sure that we have about 2 feet of line to work with. You don't try to put it in the same way it was at the factory.


The first thing that you do is make sure that you have the "CORECT" size line...this line must fit VERY snug through the hole in the tank as it has to seal against the tank so it doesn't leak.



Now, first take the 2 foot piece of line and split the line right down the middle and then slice off that half of the line leaving 1 1/2 foot of complete line with a 6" tail that is split wide open.


Take the end that is split and poke it into the small hole in the tank. Get a pair of forceps or needle nose pliers and reach through the gas cap hole and grab a hold of that line. Pull the line out of the cap hole until the entire split part is outside. Cut the split part off and install the fuel filter. Now grab other end of the line and pull on it until the filter is laying in the bottom of the tank. Measure how much of the remaining line is needed to reach the carburetor and cut off the extra. Then install the end of the line on the carb.


Now , that's not too hard is it? lol


The biggest mistake people make is that they don't buy a long enough piece of fuel line...or the don't get the right size of line.



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I was unable to reply right away because of the Fourth vacation I took. However, I have two questions that did not appear in your first answer.


1] Where do I obtain/buy the black hose that is needed for the repair?


2] How is the black hose from / through the tank to the carb connected to the white hose that the filter is connected to?



You will have to get the fuel line from a GOOD lawnmower repair shop. Regular hose will not work as it has to be gasoline resistent.


When repairing this unit, You NO NOT use the connector at all. You use a long piece of hse and go straight through the tank and put the filter on the end. The connector was only used for production purposes only.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

graphici should have ask this with the other questions.


Putting the Ryobi down on it's gas tank and looking from the rear and to the left you see two fuel lines going from the carb to the gas tank. There is a black fuel line at the top of the carb near the primer bulb that went into the tank and was slit in half lengthwise (inside the tank) about 2" at the end. The other black line below the other one on the carb went to a white plastic union that connected to a white fuel line. Which got me wondering. What are the different lines for. Is the one on the right with the white line the one that was connected to the white line that I found in the tank with the fuel filter attached? Or was the white fuel line connected some how to the black line entering the tank. I have attached a photo. I need t know which is which. I bought 2 feet of replacement fuel line that will work nicely, just need to understand which one is which. Could it have been the line on the right with the white fuel line that was the inlet with the filter and broke. Just guessing since it is the same kind of white fuel line. Thanks, Ross

The line on the left just goes into the tank about 3/4" and that's it. IT is a primer return line.


The line on the right goes from the carburetor through the hole in the tank and the fuel filter goes on the end of it. If you are using the straight line that I see int he picture, you DO NOT need the plastic connector that is there if the fuel line is large enough to seal the tank hole.


The reason that I told you to split the fuel line is so that you could get the line through the hole easier. Then you cut off the split part..leaving complete fuel line there to put the fuel filter on..


You have the fuel lines on correctly to the carburetor. now just continue the way I said and you will be done.


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I got the Ryobi running again. I did it just a little different. I used some .032 safety wire and fed it though the hole in the gas tank to the filler. I cut the fuel line like you said, but attached the fuel line to the safety wire and pulled it though the tank until the end stuck out. I then grabbed that with some needle nose plyers and finished pulling it though. I cut it square and attached it to the carb. Just got in from trimming in 95F temperature here in TX. Thanks for the help
You'r welcome.
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