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Ranwell1, Small Engine Technician
Category: Small Engine
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Experience:  I Own a Lawn Mower Sales and service business (37years). Have 2-cycle and 4-cycle certification.
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I have a Briggs and Straton 15.5 HP engine Model 28N707 Type

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I have a Briggs and Straton 15.5 HP engine Model 28N707 Type 0526-A1 Code 690802ZD OHV.   I over filled the oil last year and got tons of oil going into the carb. I drained it and refilled it with the right amount of oil this year and replaced the air breather however I still get a lot of white smoke. It ran until it got badly foaled out now it won't start even with a new plug. It is still getting lots of oil through the air-breather is their something else that would case this?



If the oring on the oil fill dipstick is can cause oil to go into the carb.


Also if the carburetor is leaking gasoline into the oil, it thins it out and causes these problems.


You may have a carburetor broblem that is causing it not to start. The carb will brobably have to be rebuilt with a complete NEW carburetor kit.


There is also a chance that the no start may not have anything to do with the oil. You may hav a bad electronic ignition causing the engine to have no spark.


Make sure that the Air Cleaner is still perfect. If there is ANY oil in the air cleaner, It will choke the engine and cause these and other problems.


I think this is an overhead valve engine (Forgive me I can't remember evrything while I am at home) if it is, there is a good possibility that the valves need to be adjusted. These need adjusted aabout every two years anyway. Setting is .004"


I hope this gives you something to go on.


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have very good compression about 150 the carb maybe plugged at this point. What do you mean by the oring gasket for the dipstike that doesn't make any sense? I still have oil coming through from the air-breather. Also how would the gas be getting into the oil if I have good compression? And yes I do have good spark. I oil getting into the carb has been the main issue.

Ok, bear with me for a minute.


If the gasket in the dipstick where you check the oil is bad and not will vent the "Negative crankcase compression" (some people inappreoprately call this vaccum)

and this interrupts the normal process of the compression and decompression of the inside of the engie. This is what the valve breather does..regulates that compression and decompression.. This will cause oil to be forced into places that it does not of which is the air filter.


When a carburetor is leaking fuel because of a bad float valve or bad float. The carburetor overflows. The gasoline, then goes into the various different passageways that are usually reserved for oil to pass through. It also will pass through the breather tube and enter the inside of the engine crankcase....contamination the oil with gas. This gas , thins the oil and then that oil can go into places that it normally cannot get into because the oil is normally too thick.


Good compression has nothing to do with keeping the gas from getting into the oil or the cylinder or the air filter for that matter.


in addition, you might replace the actual OIL breather. This is usually located in fromt of the valves. If this is not working properly, then you can also have the problems you are having.


I hope this helps clearify my answers.


I know it may be a little confusing.


As engines sit or get older, fuel that is left in the carburetor can turn to gum and varnish and cause this and other problems.

Also, any gasoline that was left in a gas can for a period of more than 30 days must be discarded because it also has begun to turn to varnish.

More than 70% of all of our repairs in our lawn mower business are due to this same issue. You most likely have dirt, gum, varnish...etc in your carburetor plugging up the small passageways and jets in the carb. It Must be removed from the engine, cleaned very well, blown out with compressed air and reassembled using a NEW carburetor rebuild kit. ALWAYS clean the fuel tank and replace the fuel line when doing this repair or you may have to do it all over again. The inside of the fuel line disintegrates over time and these small pieces of rubber will plug up the carb too. Dirt and water from a dirty fuel tank will also plug up the carb. Find the Model, type and serial or code numbers off of the engine and take them to your local dealer to get the carb kit.


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