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How do I test the ignition coil on my honda ht3813

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How do I test the ignition coil on my honda ht3813?
I suggest one of several methods. 1) Use a test light- attach one end the a ground (the chassis). With the test lead touch to the inside of the plug wire. Start the engine. If the lest light does not light up your coil is bad. Also check for power leading to the ignition coil.
Or you remove the spark plug from the engine, place plug in wire and then ground the spark plug against the frame and watch for spark. If there is no spark ovserved replace the coil.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for your reply. Here's a bit more info on the problem that may help (my apology for not including it to begin with): the mower runs just fine when it's cold, than just dies suddenly as if the key was turned off after it warms up. It continues to turn over just fine, but won't start or even try to fire. My brother has made sure the fuel system is o.k., and the mower has new air filter, oil filter & oil. Does that sound like the coil or something else? A loose wire maybe? He would like a bit more info on the coil wires. He says there are a total of 5 wires coming out of the coil - 2 plug wires, another black wire, and 2 lighter colored wires bundled together. He needs to know what the black wire and the bundled wires are for? Also, he would like to know if you can provide the factory Ohm reading so he can test with an Ohm meter? Thank you so much!
Yes that would help. Has you brother checked for continuity on the wire leading out of the coil? The Black Wire is the ground wire and should be grounded out to a bolt on the CDI. The lighter color wires (should be blue/yellow or blue/white) those are the power wires leading to the CDI. Your problem could also be a bad wire, loose wire, or a bad CDI.

Where is it that your brother is trying to get an ohm reading at?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I'm not sure about the continuity on the coil wire, but I'll ask him & will give him your info. He is wanting to just ohm the coil itself and not sure how, or what reading he should expect. Thank you.
He should expect to see about 6v across the coil.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you so much - as soon as I make sure my brother has everything he needs regarding this question, I will be happy to accept your answer. I intend to do that sometime today. Thanks again!