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I here not all Stihl chainsaw are built in Germany and not

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I here not all Stihl chainsaw are built in Germany and not all Husqvarna Chain saws are built in Sweden. I live on a farm and cut trees down and branches. I would like to get won actually made in one of these countries without having to sell my kidney. Are there any models you can recommend with at least a 20" bar?
Most Stihl saws are built in the US. The company is A German owned company. Usually just about the only saws built in Germany and sold in the US are the MUCH LARGER saws and are more expensive. If you want to buy a Stih saw and be sure you get a good one, you will pay more for them than most of the others. Even If it is made in the US. Stihl makes at least 2 qualities of equipment. Professional and homeowner versions. Make sure that you get the Professional version and you will have a great saw regarless of where it is built. Most of the Professional saws have a model number have ending in an EVEN (excluding the 0 that they put on the end. such as 360 440 660 and so on. Most of the Home owner (or cheaper) saws have odd model numbers. Just ask your Stihl dealer and realize that you are going to spend around $500 or more to get a good 20" Stihl. Husqvarna is more difficult to deturmine. They also have at least two different qualities of saws (at least this is what I remember from a few years ago. The up and comming saw that has only Professional models that meet the government commercial ratings is ECHO. This is actually the Saw I would buy. A 20" saw Model CS-520 (Last years model) and the CS-530 Sells for about $399.95 at most dealers. This is a great buy for a commercial grade saw. All three saws (if you get the professions ones) will do you well. The Echo and Stihl Seem to be much easier to get serviced and replacement parts for, though, but find a good reliable dealer...BEFORE you buy any of these. That is acually just as important as which saw you buy. Don't worry about the country of orgin just get the commercial grade saw.
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