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Chris Huber
Chris Huber, Small Engine Technician
Category: Small Engine
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Experience:  20 years experience. Briggs and Stratton Master Service Technician. Dealer for most engine lines.
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I have a briggs and stratton 5hp fun power engine on my go

Customer Question

I have a briggs and stratton 5hp "fun power" engine on my go cart. It has electric start. I am trying to figure out how to hook up the starting/charging wiring. The model number is XXXXX type 0142 01 code 973520yb. The starter switch is a 3 pole and it has a camdec solenoid number 93285.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  Chris Huber replied 8 years ago.
From under the air shroud there should be a black wire with a red connector. It supplies 1.4 amps unreguated DC power when the engine is running. Connect that wire to the hot post of the solenoid that goes back to the positive post on the battery. It is a very small charge, and is intended to keep the battery charged, but it will not charge a weak battery fully, if the battery beomes weak, charge it with a conventional charger.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Chris, I have a black wire with a red connector from under the shroud. That wire is hooked up to the hot post of the solenoid. I also have a black wire coming from the base of the engine, it is black without a connector. It seems to have around 2vac on it. The starter is hooked up to the second large post on the solenoid. I have three wires on the key switch, two are hooked up at the solenoid (both are red) one black that is not hooked up yet. The motor cranks and starts but seems to run very slow and die out. The motor came from a good running cart so I am sure it is the wiring at this point. Hope this helps
Expert:  Chris Huber replied 8 years ago.
The engine doesn't rely on the wiring to run, it is likely a different problem. The charge wire is right, the starter wires are right, the black wire coming out from under the shroud is the ground wire for the coil to turn off the engine. The electrical system is separarte from the engine, so if the problem is engine performance, first verify the throttle is opening all the way (running slow) and it has good spark, fuel, and compression.