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CJBennett, Small Engine Technician
Category: Small Engine
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Experience:  Briggs and Stratton Master Service Tech, Kohler, Tecumseh, Kawasaki certified. 18 years exp.
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Have prosource 3000 watt portable manual generator. have not

Customer Question

Have prosource 3000 watt portable manual generator. have not run unit for about one year. now will not start. will run for about 1/2 second if i pull plug and out afew drops of gas in cylinder and replace pluf but will cut off and not restart. believenot pumping gas. can fuel linr be plug? how can i check out/ can i or should i remove bowl below what i think is carburator or ? any advice or ideas?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  CJBennett replied 8 years ago.
Has fuel sat in this unit for a year as well?
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.




Customer: replied 8 years ago.



yes- but siphoned some gas out and used it in lawn mower and mower ran perfectly with "old" gas.

Expert:  CJBennett replied 8 years ago.
I've always found that gas goes bad faster in smaller amounts. Your problem will most likely be in you carb. What engine does your gen. have?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.


from what i cn see. unit is prosource 3000 watt 6.5 h.p.. tag plate on engine in very small print appears to be- Werling Jenferng Industies. Printed on pull handle is Demarrage. Hope this helps. When i try to start engine (with pull cord similar to lawn mowers) it appears that no fuel reaching spark plug/cylender. Plug comes out dry. Yet if i "prime " by dribbling some gas into plug chamber the engine will fire up for a second then stop. Am i right in thinking problem is in fuel line or plugged carb or what. how do i fix ?

Expert:  CJBennett replied 8 years ago.

You can start by turning the fuel off. Disconnect the fuel line at the carb, put the fuel line into a container. Turn the fuel back on and verify that it is flowing properly. If it is, shut fuel off. If not the tank should be removed and drained. Next the petcock at the bottom of the tank should be cleaned. Some will have a pick up screen that gets blocked.


If the fuel flows, the problem will be in the carb. Dirt always settles at the lowest point (the carb). You can try just dropping the bowl, but I have always found removing the carb and cleaning it is best. Pay close attention to how it comes apart. Make sure the brass jets are clear with a small wire. The main jet will be the bolt that holds the bowl on, or just above it in the stem.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.


At this point I guess i'll have to try the carb. I have pulled the fuel going to the carb and fuel flows smoothly. I hope I don't screw up the carb by removing the bowl. Any other advice you can give me in removing the carb bowl? If problem is plugged filter is there anything I can put into the fuel line to dissolve any gunk that might have built up before I try removing the carb bowl ?

Expert:  CJBennett replied 8 years ago.
Forgot to mention that the carb also has a sediment bowl just to the right of the float bowl. It will need cleaned out also. It's held on by a 10mm. Also the main jet is directly above the bolt that holds the float bowl on. Use a thin wire to run up through the center of it. A bread tie works good (take the plastic off it), or a torch tip cleaner. There is nothing you can put in the fuel to clean it. It will just create a bigger mess in the carbureter.