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Chris Huber
Chris Huber, Small Engine Technician
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I have a mtd snowflite 5/24 model 310-600A. It will not run.

Customer Question

I have a mtd snowflite 5/24 model 310-600A. It will not run. I put in new gas, checked the spark plug, and sprayed gas straight into the carb. The engine would start to run and then stop. It ran last season. Nothing was done except changing oil and spark plug. Now what?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  Chris Huber replied 8 years ago.
The fuel is likely not getting through the carburetor. An extensive carburetor overhaul is not usually necessary. Push the handles up and stand the machine up on the auger housing. Most machines will balance steady right there. Remove the bowl and it is likely to have some foreign material in it. If the bowl is held on by a brass nut with a 7/16th or 1/2 head, The blockage could be right there. When you take the bowl off, use a can of carburetor cleaner with a straw and closely shoot straight up the shaft the bowl nut screws into. Listen in the intake for the stream of carb cleaner to enter. Move the straw around until you hear that. Next, The bowl nut has a hole in the side that lets fuel into the metering chamber. In the center is a super small hole. At the very top of the threads, there is an even smaller one that goes into the center of the bowl nut on a 45 degree angle. Clean each of these with the carb cleaner too. Reassemble the bowl and put the machine back on it's wheels. If there was a screw in the center of the bowl nut, turn it in all the way and back out 1.5 turns. Start the engine and put the choke wherever it wants to be for 5 minutes. It should run with the choke wide open or the first click over. If equipped with the screw, turn out to richen mixture, turn in for leaner mixture.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Today, Saturday, I followed the directions you sent on cleaning the carb. The only problem I had was a needle type valve? fell off when I was spraying up the shaft where the bowl nut is attached. I got lucky and must have put it back in the right place because on the second pull the engine started!!!!! It ran a little rough for a while and I couldn't seem to get it smoothed out(10-15 minutes of running). I shut it off, went back about 30 minutes later, started it up, and drove it on my truck. It ran as smooth as ever.
If I ever have any more questions I know who I can ask!! Great job!!
Expert:  Chris Huber replied 8 years ago.
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