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I just purchased the

Customer Question

. I just purchased the Singer Stylist Sewing Machine 457, I even have the reciept at purchase $179.99 in 1971. It turned on, light works, motor moves needle up and down, pressure foot looks like not the usual (is basically-when looking down at it) shaped like upside down U with even lengths of what you would call the legs. Also, something I noticed with regards ***** ***** is that when changing the LCR to set needle insertion location, it never has it looking like it lines up the the needke (with this type pressure foot anyway) in the center which might be quite normal for this pressure foot (which might be a gathering foot). That being said. I threaded it correctly, tried to hook the bobbin thread to bring it up through the plate. Needle goes up and down, but the bobbin wheel does not move at all. So, though I have seen a lot of info online about timing the bobbin gear (not sure if that is the correct process name) basically the adjusting of the

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Small Appliance
Expert:  Michael replied 2 years ago.
Good morning, I am Tech Michael a sewing machine expert.Are you in the US or the UK?Also where did you purchase the sewing machine?The presser foot issue is something we can deal with, that all is a matter of familiarity with the parts and how they work together is all, you will get that eventually. As for the bobbin issue it would be good if we could talk on the phone about that. I will send you a offer and if you accept and include your phone # ***** can call you when it is convenient for you. If not, it will take a bit longer but we can continue on here like this. I am an independent technician and I don't make the rules at JA I simply follow them;-)In any case please let me know on this.Thank youTech Michael
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I am sorry, I just needed a simple response of a couple things to try. It said iy would charge a $5 dep and $11 when satisfied. It charged $16 and since I was unabke to get any input, I will be req a refund.

Thanks, Theresa