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Hello, We just bought a Fully automatic espresso machine

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We just bought a Fully automatic espresso machine TES503. We followed all the instructions but every time we press START ,the Display shows Refill Beans!. We followed the troubleshooting instructions for this problems but it persists. What should we do next ?
Thanks for your help .


I would return the unit. The bean hopper has a sensor in it that is defective from the factory. This can happen and is a common failure. Based on what you have tried and the persistent symptom of the "refill beans" this is going to be the issue. This unit is very complex and not easy to take apart for that issue and it is also hard to get parts for. Return it for sure as this will not be something you will be able to fix for that issue. I wish I had better news or something else you could try, but the sensors are cheaply made and you can often just get a dud.
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