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This relates to a central vacuum cleaner and the power head

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This relates to a central vacuum cleaner and the power head attachment. At the time I am ready to vacuum I plug the hose and electric chord into the wall at one end. At the other end I plug the electric chord into the power head and attach the power head unit to the hose. The handle has two buttons for air only and the other to run the power head with air. For some reason I cannot get the air and power head to work together. In other words it seems that I only have half the hose working.. If I twist the hose at the wall I can at times get it working properly.
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This sounds like either a bad connection at the wall or a bad hose.

Can you tell me the make and model of the unit and the power head?

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The power head is an "air stream" model E1350 A. It ha been part of the family for perhaps 25 years. The power head appears to be in good order. The hose is new ... about. two years. The brand is "allegro". The model is X1-0112. It has not been a problem.

I agree that it appears to be a connection issue. My guess is that it is with the wall unit. The wall unit is part of the original installation.


I am told that on occasion to get a good connection at the wall ... it is necessary to turn the hose at the wall. I was considering replacing the unit ... but I thought before I did anything .... I would investigate other.

corrective measures.



Hi Fred


I suspect, given what you have said, that its the wall unit too.

Try making and breaking the connection at the hose end with the wall, and see if you can det=ermine which it is.

Unfortunately, this is the only way you will be able to work it out, without just replacing one bit or the other

Good luck with it

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Rob
We tried the wall connection at a second outlet and it functions ok.

Returning to our initial wall outlet ... we having difficulty understanding your instruction " ... making and breaking the connection at the hose end with the wall". Perhaps you can give us more detailed. We have made no progress on the problem ... but I am sure we have correct location of the problem.

Hi Fred

If you've swapped the wall plate to a different location, it would seem that the issue may more likely be at the hose end .

Does this damaged or kinked at all? Is it possible its damaged internally?


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

October 01, 2013. Unfortunately, I have been ill and unable to work with you since our last contact. I think it best that I start again from the beginning and work through our problem. Again,this relates to the operation of our central vacuum cleaner and power head attachment. The problem appears to be the hose and the wall unit that the hose plugs into. We cannot get it operating in proper sequence. That is the "pistol" grip has three operating locations. The extreme left(1) is to operate the air only, the middle(2) location is the "off" position for all functions,and the extreme right(3) position is to operate the air and the power head at the same time.

The problem:


1) When we place the hose in the wall between the dimple markings ... the (2) position is off as it should be, the (1) position has air suction as it should and (3) position has no suction but the motor to power head is on.

2) Facing the wall and turning the hose to the right or left of the dimples in the outlet (1) and (3) positions on the pistol work for motor and air properly but (2) position does not turn off the operation.


additional information


The wall unit is new and the hose unit is about two years old. There is no damage to the chrome sleeve. We are also having similar problems with a second outlet.


Hi Fred

Sorry to hear you haven't been well. Hope you are feeling better now.

It seems to me that if you are having the same issue at two outlets, the common factor is the hose.
I understand that the hose is not that old, but it would seem to be the common item causing the problem

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for your patience. I agree the hose is likely the problem. As I mentioned the hose is fairly new and has a "pistol grip" at one end. I guess the problem is within the pistol grip. The next issue is can this problem be fixed, is it worth fixing or should it be replaced?

Hi Fred

My experience with this type of grip and hose, is that they can seldom be taken apart and repaired.

They are normally put together by machine and are not suitable for repair, sorry

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I would like to add to your bucket of experience. I recalled that we still had our older straight hose. I dug it up and put it through the same tests. The result or performance was identical. Both hoses responded the same. So ...can we have two hoses with identical malfunctions?


I wonder if there is a disruption of a signal from a mechanism within the vacuum cleaner itself?

Hi Fred

In any machine, there is always going to be a weak point. In a car, its the engine due to the many moving parts. I bet you know people who have had problems with the engines of their cars, but no one who has had an issue with the door ! Thats because its a fairly inanimate object.

Likewise, with your hose, the part that is actually moving around a lot, is the hose. This will get pulled and tugged on.

I assume that when you had the initial problem with the old hose, when you replaced it, the problem ceased. This being the case, the first hose was definitely faulty, as the new one appears to have worked or a couple of years.

Of course, I cant absolutely guarantee that the hose is the issue, as I am not there to see if for myself, but given that you know the first one is faulty, and the second one behaves in the same way, I would say its the hose

All the best