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We have a Schumacher Portable Power Inverter 400w, PP 2200

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We have a Schumacher Portable Power Inverter 400w, PP 2200 model. We don't have the charger for it anymore. Can we use a universal charger? If so, what is the polarity, amperage, and voltage?
You can use a universal ac power adapter with the multiple outputs and tips. You can regulate the adapter's output to 18v, use the tip that fits, check polarity. . Use the 18.5v out put setting since the actual output from the adapter is around 90% efficiency, giving you approx. 16.65 volts. Using the 18v setting, the actual output is somewhere around 16.2v, which will charge your Schumacher just fine, too. Check your polarity on your plug. The Schumacher unit has positive polarity. Usually, on univeral AC power adapter, the wire you plug the proper tip in to will have the word 'tip' on one side of the wire end. The tip you've chosen will have both a + and - sign on it. For your Schumacher, make sure the + sign on the actual tip, once connected to the wire, is on the same side as the word 'TIP'.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.
This is the same info I found on a search. We need to know the polarity of the pin in the center of the charging adapter port. There is no diagram on the unit, so we are at a loss as to what to do next.
the pin is Positive the shield is negative
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and it cintains all the information you need included a link to unit that would work
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