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Bryan, Technician
Category: Small Appliance
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Experience:  20+ yrs. experience doing large and small appliance repair.
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I just bought a George Forman Grill. Do I wash the plates

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I just bought a George Forman Grill. Do I wash the plates before using.
There wqere no instructions for that?? Thanks

Protech :

Good afternoon, Its a good idea to clean the grill parts before using this or any small appliance. when these are manufactured they use oils and other products in the proccess its best to make sure you clean these before you use it. this also prevents anything that on the grill parts from staining or ruining the surface when these heat up. besides the point that whjen the parts sit in a warehouse waiting to be assembled bugs and who knows what can crawl acroos the surfaces. I hope this helsp. A mild dishwasher detergent works fine. thanks , Bryan

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