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How do I remove the air from my coffee maker?

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How do I remove the air from my coffee maker?

What model Miele do you have and you are wanting to purge the air?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
CVA 610
Accessing service mode:
1. Switch off the appliance.
2. Ensure that the front door is locked.
3. Press and hold the SMALL COFFEE and HOT WATER buttons together. The
display will read as follows (example):

567 128

1. Fill the water reservoir completely.
2. Access service mode.
3. Quickly turn the selector switch left to the “Programming” position.
4. Press and hold all three coffee buttons. The display will show the following:


5. Does a pulsing/flickering "8" appear in the first line of the display?
a. No. Proceed to Step 6.
b. Yes. The flow meter and the electronic are detecting the pulses from the
water moving through the water path (normal operating conditions). Proceed
to Step 7.
6. Does water flow from the hot-water nozzle during the test?
a. No. Water is not flowing through the water path. Check for mechanical flow
problems (obstructions) and make sure that the pump is operating.
b. Yes. Unplug the connector at JP5 on the electronic. Place a jumper at JP5 (CVA
610) or JP25 (CVA 615) between the rear and center pins on the electronic (see
Figure 5-53). Access service mode. Check if a solid "8" is shown in the first line
in the display. If so, replace the flow meter (Section 5.55). If not, replace the
power electronic (Section 5.4)
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