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When I press the foot control of my Husqvarna Prisma 940 sewing

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When I press the foot control of my Husqvarna Prisma 940 sewing machine it will work then I try again and it won't start, I try a few times maybe it will or won't, the wires are not pulling or tight. Although it is old, it has been a fantastic machine and has not been used for a while. I had it serviced and a new foot control a while ago but it played up later and then not used again for a time, when I tried to use it recently it did the above, there was a slight smell and for the first time the motor kind of slowed on and off while running.What do you suggest? I cleaned it and put a new needle in also
You will need a multi-meter for this process:
Set the your multi meter to ohms to test foot control. Place one probe on one wire going to the sewing machine pedal. Place the other probe on the other wire. When you press down on the sewing machine pedal you should get a reading. If you don't look inside the foot control for broken parts, burnt sections, broken wires, etc. It most likely will be cheaper to replace the foot control than repair it. Unless it is a broken wire that you can repair or something similar.

If the foot control tests ok I would suggest oiling all moving parts internally of your machine and this usually takes care of the issue your describing.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
dismantled foot control to circuit test as advised, found internal plug was not seated correctly when serviced by engineer many thanks indeed problem sorted
No problem!