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ed michaels
ed michaels, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Small Appliance
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I"m not sure if this is the best place to ask this but is there

Resolved Question:

I"m not sure if this is the best place to ask this but is there a small appliance that can help reduce dust in a house? I can't afford the $400+ to get my furnace cleaned but I can dust my house and vacuum and the next day it looks like i didn't do it at all! I have pets but it was like that before I had them too, it's just worse now that i have had pets. I have had my carpet professional cleaned and it's still just as bad. Any tips?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Small Appliance
Expert:  ed michaels replied 5 years ago.

ed michaels :

Hi, here are my thoughts. If you've already thought them, don't click accept. just relist question or tell me and I will. I can't think of any kind of appliance to deal with what sounds like soot in the air. a high power vacuum with hepa filters would cost more than having the furnace cleaned. and dust would return next day. The problem can only be controlled at its source. good filters. clean ducts, clean furnace. That being said, for pet hair, I like the Dyson vacuums. hope this helps. ed

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