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Zeke, Home Appliance Techn
Category: Small Appliance
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I have a Panasonic The Genius Sensor 1250w Microwave oven.

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I have a Panasonic The Genius Sensor 1250w Microwave oven. Kids put in some Top Ramen and turned it on. Smoke shot out from the bottom and it started making strange noise. Power still works

Unlikely to be anything the noodles did, just bad timing.....unless some liquid contacted the electrics/electronics.



This may have a serious shorting issue.



DO NOT plug it in until you can confirm the electrical integrity of the appliance with a multimeter if you know how to do the testing


....or have it assessed by a suitably qualified technician.



This is LETHAL voltage and there are children around, so do not compromise on safety first.






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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I assumed it was some type of short, but I guess what I'm looking for is how much u think something like that might cost to repair. What would be smarter, repair or replace.

Without testing, the value of repair is not possible to establish.

A couple of phone calls to have an estimate from local small appliance repairers would likely indicate a base figure plus any parts... you could then make a value judgement based on the age of the current machine, & your ability to afford a suitable replacement.

If it were me and the oven was 5+, I would replace it, ...a new warantee and general peace of mind.



I do not understand how you can say I have told you "what you already knew" when all you said was you have "tried nothing"

I am in Australia and do not have intimate knowledge of the relative pricing of small appliances in a place that has not even been defined.

While grateful for the "accept" I think you need to be mindful of the limitations of the scope of this service particularly when asking for details that are not available due to it being Sunday afternoon where I am located, and on a Low Detail question.

I can and did give my personal opinion albeit reluctantly.

You do need to make up your own mind based on your individual circumstances.

I would also suggest you remove the offending item to a place distant from children.