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Zeke, Home Appliance Techn
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I bought a morphy richards jet steam elite model no 42242 last

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I bought a morphy richards jet steam elite model no 42242 last year as a gift for a family member. It has only been used a few times and has stopped working. The electric is getting through to the iron beacuse the light comes on but it doesn't heat up. Unfortunately as I don't have the receipt neither ths shop nor morphy richards will replace the iron. can you tell me what the problem may be?

Many thanks

Tracey McWilliams
Hi Tracey
If you have a Credit Card transaction statement, perhaps that would be sufficient is a 2 year warantee from what I understand, and this is the best way to deal with it if you possibly can.
Often, the more top end range ARE worth repairing, lesser beasts, just replace, as labour costs make it difficult to justify....these are 140 quid, so quite an investment.
It is most likely to be the element that needs replacing, but without it on the bench with a test meter, it is not possible to say 100%
If you need to find a local repairer, please advise your location, or here is MR customer Care details for their advice on recommended agents near you.
Best Wishes and hope you find a way to have a warantee repair
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I already produced the transaction statement but morphy richards say the iron wasn't registered for the extra year guarantee so they won't replace it. I have searched the website for recommended agents as you suggested but can't find any. My husband looked at the iron and it is now heating up but no steam. Therefore the element must be OK - any further suggestions?


Anti-scale cartridge has been routinely changed - Part Number 01030 ??

Descale as you would a kettle as well...p9 of manual suggests that the cartridge alone may not be sufficient...especially if you are in Sth or SE I would suggest given my own experience of appliances down there.

Manual, if you need one:

Just ensure the descaler is suitable for stem irons.

Where are you located....small appliance repair search should reveal someone able to assist...MR were not able to suggest anyone ??

Zeke and other Small Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
I asked several questions which you did not respond to, only said you had "tried it on various settings but still no heat"

I have, therefore, to assume I am dealing with a complete novice...if dialogue is entered into, a solution may be worked I shall opt out.

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